Smarter, Healthier & Happier: Here’s How To Do It

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We are always looking to better ourselves in some way. Striving to improve our daily lives is an important thing to help increase our overall happiness, and can lead to long-term success down the road. It’s important to note that changing our well-being isn’t an overnight process, but a long road that takes strong commitment. If you want to strive for a smarter, healthier, happier life, here are some steps that will help you achieve this.

Keep your mind stimulated with reading

Reading has been proven to be highly beneficial in improving your overall vocabulary and language comprehension, in addition to increasing empathy and emotional support. All of these aspects are important characteristics in leading a happier life, and can be powerful skills that provide sharp advantages in all facets of your existence.

Exercise as often as possible

People who exercise tend to be much healthier people, as it is strong factor in maintaining a strong and energized body that is capable of getting you through your busy days. Getting your heart pumping has a strong affect in the health of your brain cells, which can lead to a decrease in neurodegeneration. Exercise also provides a powerful release of dopamine, which can give you a huge boost in mood and concentration.

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Get enough H2O everyday

Hydration is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as dehydration can be a massive factor in leaving you depleted and exhausted during your day. Getting plenty of fluids promotes healthy cell growth, and can keep your brain operating at maximum efficiency.

Stay social

Us humans are social creatures, which is why interacting with people in a daily basis is an important aspect in increasing your happiness. Those who engage in social interactions on a daily basis have been shown to operate at higher levels of cognitive performance, as it provides an immediate intellectual boost that is unlike anything you can get from solitary experiences.

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Pour your thoughts into writing

Writing is a powerful tool in helping us think more clearly, and it can be a great activity to participate in order to destress and unwind after a long day. It can also be important for helping us absorb information more efficiently, as it forces us to pay closer attention to our memories and experiences, both of which provide a massive boost to our mindset.

Take risks

One of the greatest lies we’ve been led to believe is that comfort is good for us. In truth, getting out of our comfort zone is one of the best things we can to promote growth in practically all facets our lives. Try pushing yourself to do things differently, or try something new that you know will be tough for you. In the end, your experiences will make you a better person, which will translate to progress in overall performance and productivity.

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Keep your body well fueled

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best things you can do help you feel healthier and happier. Eating the right foods can help support healthy brain function, while simultaneously fueling your body to promote the highest level of performance you are capable of operating at. Whether it be having greater focus at work, or increasing your level of fitness, a healthy diet is a no-brainer.

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Prioritize sleep

Sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of our busy lives. Living in a world filled with constantly connectivity via our smartphones, tablets, and the internet, sleep often falls by the wayside. Sleep, however, is our body’s way of re-charging and rejuvenating itself after a day of activity., if you don’t get enough, it can affect your mood, focus, and motivation, which will lead to the sugary energy drinks and numerous cups of coffee to get you through the day. Prioritize sleep and you will quickly see the dramatic benefits it affords to your mental performance, health, and mood.

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