Smart Rings are the Next Big Thing for Wearables

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While smartwatches and bracelets have gained most of the attention in the wearables market, smart rings are emerging to become the next big thing. Unlike their counterparts, smart rings are small and unobtrusive when worn, and are designed to be a fashionable and trendy part of everyday wear.

Smart rings are known to have a variety of useful features, including things like wireless payments, sending and receiving notifications, controlling your smartphone, sleep tracking, and fitness functionality. We have yet to see them take off like the Apple Watch or other smartwatches, but the time for smart rings is near and some amazing models are now on the market. These devices have the potential to provide a wide range of functionality in a form factor that is both comfortable and natural. Here are some of the best models out right now. 

Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash

ŌURA Ring – $299

This device began as a Kickstarter project and has since grown to be one of the best smart rings on the market. Its minimalist design is perfect for keeping a low profile despite it packing an impressive array of tech within its band. It tracks your sleep, activity, body temperature, blood volume pulse, and much more. Paired with the smartphone app, it provides detailed analytics that gives you a broad picture of your overall wellness. Through this data, you will be provided with recommendations to help maximize your health.

Lycos Life NFC Smart Ring – $60 

Another smart ring designed with minimalism in mind, but if you prefer a splash of color, the Lycos Life ring comes in a vibrant alpenglow orange or coral red. It is packed with two programmable chips that can be connected to your phone with a single tap. With this, you can send messages, share contact information, use it to log-in to websites, and a variety of other functionalities. The Lycos Life is a budget-friendly device that has a valuable set of features and a fashionable design making it a great option for anyone looking to try out a smart ring.

Amazon Echo Loop – $129.99 soon rising to $179.99

Amazon is the first major company to debut a smart ring with the Echo Loop, which is powered by Alexa. The ring packs microphones and speakers, enabling the user to interact with it so it can be used as a digital assistant. This can include useful functionalities such as adding things to a shopping list, turning on connected appliances in your home, or sending a message. The Echo Loop is still an invite-only device, but you can request one from Amazon’s website. Soon, the Echo Loop will be rolled out to the general public at a higher price.

NFC Opn – $112.28

This stylish smart ring features two NFC tag chips that can be used for public and private information. The private tag is useful for opening your smart door lock, sending payment or interacting with a smart home. The public functionalities of it include quickly giving out information like your email address, phone number, and other important things. The ring is waterproof to 50 meters and comes in a range of subtle designs and attractive colors.

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