San Diego Entrepreneur of the Week: Ali Grant of Be Social PR

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SD Entertainer is a huge fan and supporter of entrepreneurs in San Diego. We admire the dedication and long hours it takes to build and develop a successful business. Each week, the SD Entertainer sits down with one successful entrepreneur to discuss the goals, dreams, and plans for their company. This week, the SD Entertainer had the opportunity to speak with Ali Grant, owner of Be Social PR.

1. What made you want to get into the PR industry?

I’ve always had a passion for creativity. I’ve channeled that creativity into crafting publicity campaigns to assist brands with growth.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.46.33 AM2. Is being located in San Diego beneficial for your company?

Being as close as we are to Los Angeles, San Diego offers the beach lifestyle we’re immersed in with the proximity to celebrities, bloggers, and media in a larger city like LA. It’s perfect for our needs.

3. How does being located in San Diego affect your company and how you work?

Although San Diego provides a beautiful environment for our offices and day to day activities, we have to travel often.  Our team goes to New York and Los Angeles consistently, so we’re racking up the frequent flyer miles.

4. What type of clients do you usually work with?

Our agency services lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands. Just a few of our favorite things!

5. What type of services do you provide for your clients?

Be Social is a full service communications agency. We create strategies for brands to connect to their consumers. We specialize in public relations, social media marketing, event marketing, influencer relations, and digital publicity.

6. What is your favorite thing about working in the PR industry?Be Social

Having access to the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty and seeing the brands we represent succeed. We have an office filled with our favorite swimwear, activewear, beauty products, and fashion accessories and it’s our job to spread the word on why these brands are awesome. It’s a fun, fast-paced industry with no limitations on creativity!

7. What is a memorable client/event/moment you’ve had while working in the PR industry?

This past week we launched Disney’s Minnie Style Instagram account. It was a jam-packed month filled with photo shoots, styling and influencer collaborations. The launch coincided with NYFW and a collaboration with Refinery29. It was a whirlwind and it keeps getting more exciting!

8. What are some long term goals for you and your company?

We want to keep evolving. We’re the exact opposite of a traditional PR agency. We’ve launched an Influencer Division where we manage the careers of influential bloggers and social elite.  We’ve been at the forefront of fostering relationships with bloggers, YouTubers and digital influencers. It’s the projects and evolution like this that has allowed us to grow and deliver results.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.46.49 AM9. Why is hiring a PR firm beneficial for a company?

A PR firm can be your brand advocates to garnering buzz for your business, product or launch. We’re connectors…we help you be seen, be heard, and be social through multiple forms of communication avenues.

10. How does someone get a job in the PR industry?

Intern! You need to start interning in college, gain experience, work your way up and hustle. It’s a competitive industry and requires a certain type of person…you can’t be afraid to work hard.

Originally from New York, I moved to San Diego in 2014 after living in Italy for two years to work as a Director and Producer for Pixel Productions. Contact: [email protected]

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