Rock Church Revolutionizes Fundraising – Givers Donate on Mobile Phones

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Rock Church sits in the Point Loma Liberty Station in a newer 244,000-square-foot building.  Holding 5 services each Sunday in the 3,500 seat sanctuary, Rock’s Senior Pastor, Miles McPherson, a former NFL player, encourages Rock’s 12,500 congregation to get out of their seats and make a difference in San Diego and beyond.

In 2010, The Rock Church has committed themselves to providing 700,000 “DO Something” hours of city-transforming ministry service to the county of San Diego and the world.  So far, 660,937 service hours have been completed this year — 94% towards goal of 700,000 hours.

Rock Church encourages participation in their challenge asking for help in time and donations.

Wanting to offer givers another way to give monetary donations, The Rock Church has partnered with Mogiv, a new mobile giving technology that enables givers to donate any amount from any device at any time. The church reasoned that if it made giving easier, its congregation would give more readily. And it seems to be working.

Mogiv offers an easy way to give to eight local agencies (Alternatives Pregnancy Center, Calvary Chapel Santee, Mama Cares Foundation, McAlister Institute, Miles Ahead Ministries, The Rock Academy, The Rock Church, Valley Center Community Church) and many outreaches abroad.  Check out their newest option: texting donations!

McPherson says, “The Rock Church has always leveraged technology in an effort to establish pervasive hope in San Diego and around the globe.  By launching our GivUp campaign, we wanted to bring our daily spending habits into alignment with the needs we’re meeting in the community and around the world.  If a person gave up a $3 latte once a week, that’s $12 per month. That $12 can be used to provide clean drinking water, food, and an education to a child in a third-world country.  As consumers, if we can re-direct some of our spending to giving, lives will be impacted.  The Mogiv technology makes turning an item into a donation a reality for the first time.”

Mogiv enables organizations to empower their donors by providing multiple ways to give, including text messaging, emailing and online giving.

“Like all churches, the Rock Church has always encouraged its congregation to live self sacrificial lives and giving of our finances is part of that. If everyone did their part, the potential of impacting our community would grow exponentially. We’re constantly encouraging people to get more involved in their communities, to do something to make a difference.  If giving up something helps a person get more involved and do something good, then we’re all for it,” states McPherson.

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