Relax Away Holiday Stress at JenniferAnn Spa & Wellness Center

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With the end of the year rapidly approaching, you may want to make sure that you’re relaxed and well-rested for all of the impending holiday celebrations. After all, sometimes those in-laws can be stressful enough without any leftover irritants from your daily life. So, if you’re in need of relaxing, what better way than a day at a full-service spa?

JenniferAnn Spa & Wellness Center in Mira Mesa features organic products and customized treatments for your health and beauty from the outside to the inside. You’ll feel like a different person walking out that door than you did when you first walked in. While offering many services designed to provide relief from whatever stresses you, the company isn’t just concerned with temporary relief. Instead of a quick fix, the trained professionals focus on total body wellness from the inside out, concerned with making sure you feel like a new person once you’re through.

“We offer things such as Eastern massage modalities, more facials, like chemical peels and microderm, nutrition counseling will eventually be added, personal training, colonics, ionizing foot baths…so we really focus on a total lifestyle change for the client,” says owner Jennifer Ashlock.

Among all of the spa’s offerings, you should definitely look into the Reiki massages and the Full Body Lymphatic Massage, which restores lymphatic circulation to the whole body. If you’ve been struggling with your weight, this spa is a good choice to learn about better eating habits and exercise routines. However, if you’re looking for the more traditional spa services, like deep tissue massages and relaxing facials, rest assured because JenniferAnn’s offers plenty of those as well.

“Wellness means a balance of spirit, mind, and body. You cannot enjoy life unless you have health. At JenniferAnn Spa we are dedicated to the wellness aspect, in addition to relaxation. It is reflected in the products we use, and even to the organic sheets that are on the treatment beds. We want everyone who comes here to experience a level of wellness that they wouldn’t find at any other spa,” says Tina Quint, Massage Therapist.

One of the great aspects of this spa is that once your treatment is over with, you never have to leave right away. After a nice massage you are invited to relax in the lounge to make sure that you’re prepared and ready to reenter the world. They even make sure that before you leave you have the opportunity to learn how to better take care of yourself so that maybe you won’t even need treatments as often. JenniferAnn Spa really cares about your health and they strive every day to make sure you’re a better person because of your experience with them.

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