Project Bar & Grill Partners with PlusCBD Oil to Offer CBD Cocktails

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Project Bar & Grill, a neighborhood bar with cocktails on draft, 24 beer taps and elevated bar food, has launched a delicious new line of lemonades and cocktails infused with Cannabidiol (CBD), using San Diego’s own PlusCBD Oil. The CBD lemonades were created by Project Bar & Grill bartenders Drew Murphy and Nick Adams and are served on draft, with three options:

CBD Vodka Lemonade – Vodka and lemon juice

CBD Tropical Lemonade – Rum, Fernet, lime juice, pineapple, orgeat

CBD Fernet Lemonade – Fernet, lemon juice & mint

All CBD lemonades have 15 mg of CBD isolate from PlusCBD Oil. Mike Sill, co-founder of The Brew Project, shares, “CBD lemonades are scientifically designed to reduce headaches, hangovers, nausea, inflammation & stress.  These are perfect patio punches for the warm weather approaching and are huge hangover cures for our new brunch menu (although you can order them at all times). CBD gives you a clean, calm sense of relief.”

For those unfamiliar with CBD, or confuse it with marijuana, here is the low down. PlusCBD Oil National Educator, Maggie Frank, shares, “Both are cannabis plants, but hemp and marijuana are not the same. Marijuana gives you the psychoactive high, hemp does not. Just like buying hemp seed or hemp protein is not going to get you stoned, neither is CBD-rich whole plant hemp oil.”

So if it isn’t going to get you high, what is the point? Frank offers, “The reality is that this is just a super food! CBD-rich whole plant hemp oil just happens to be the very best food to feed a system that most of know nothing about – the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  Essentially, your ECS is your body’s main adaptogenic system. It means it’s helping you adjust to change on daily basis. Your mental, your physical, and your emotional well being is maintained and regulated by your ECS. They may feel that when they take this they get a little bit of a lift; some people may find that it helps them deal more effectively with stress.”

Michelle Stansbury is a freelance food, travel, and lifestyle writer. Feel free to reach out to her at [email protected] with story ideas!

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