Online dating? Avoid these profile mistakes

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Recently Nikon and the geo-location, “real-life” dating app, Happn surveyed 1,000 participants about their dating dos and don’ts. What they found sheds an interesting light on the mistakes many people make that could be hurting their chances at love.

Don’t be too sexy
Only 12% of people intrigued by overly seductive photos, so skip out on that revealing bikini shot unless you’re just looking for a hookup. Based on your interests, keep in mind that 21% of men love sexy pics, and only 4% women do.

Avoid the selfie
66% of daters consider selfies an immediate turn-off when it comes to a prospective date. Avoid that duck-face closeup and go for a more natural angle instead.

No group photos
Only 10% of people liked seeing potential dates in a group of their friends. When you’re in a group it can be difficult to tell who the focus should be. Unless you’re trying to get a friend a date, ditch your crew and let your uniqueness shine.

Black-and-white and sepia photos look nice and artsy, but when it comes to your dating profile, keep the color. Only 19% of people want to see you with a mod two-toned filter.

Show your true self
Don’t be too mysterious. Survey respondents said they need three photos to make a fair judgment of a profile. They also disliked photos where users obscured their faces in silhouette. And make sure you smile. 83% of people want to see your pearly whites in a photo

Add some humor
A touch of humor will get you noticed by almost 60% more people, so be fun and flirty.



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