Nice Guys Finish…Last

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Why do women love bad boys? And it’s not just San Diego women, it’s all; okay not all, but most. We constantly complain about men who never return our phone call, flake on dates, and treat us like red-headed step children, but we continue running back into their arms or become giddy when they actually do decide to call. Is it because of the chase? When in actuality these men aren’t spending much time chasing you if they barely give you any attention. Why do we live in a world where drama is easier to find in a relationship than plain ol’ happiness? More importantly, why do we love it so much?

He says, “I’ll call you,” but doesn’t until he’s ready. Always has the perfect excuse to why he didn’t do something, and is never wrong. What is attractive about a man like that? Well let me break it down. They’re spontaneous. He says he’ll call you at 8p.m., but it’s 8:30 and your phone hasn’t rung. You start to think he’s just not that into you, until your phone rings and instead of apologizing to you for calling late he says, “hey beautiful,” which of course makes you swoon.

Dealing with a man who always thinks he’s right can be exciting because what woman doesn’t think they’re always right too? Nice guys let you win arguments and don’t put up a fight. They say things like, “you’re right honey.” Or, “it’s my fault…” But a bad boy will battle you till he gets his point across. He’ll also make it a point to let you know that he’s not like the last guy you dated (they always put themselves on pedestals) and he’s not going to sugar coat things or fake the funk, but instead tell you how it is. Besides, what couple doesn’t enjoy makeup sex?

Which brings up another love for bad boys…they’re great in bed. Bad boys are exciting, enjoy trying new things, and make it a priority to satisfy their woman. If nice guys would spice things up instead of always wanting to cuddle, than maybe your bed would have more action…and you as well.

Sadly in this generation, nice guys are finishing last and the bad boys are controlling the spotlight…but for how long?

Is there a time where you just don’t feel like arguing anymore, or you get used to doing things routine, because come on, we won’t be in our 20’s forever.

Do women marry bad boys?

If you’re in San Diego and you believe you’re a bad boy then leave a message and tell me if I’m right or not.


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