Natural Remedies for Anxiety

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It comes on at any time of the day, without warning. It can affect your health, work, family, and relationships. A fast beating heart, shallow breathing, the feeling of unexplainable dread. Anxiety can be an extremely debilitating thing to do with on a day-to-day basis. If you’re ready to take control of your anxiety, yet you don’t want to resort to medication, try out these natural remedies that will be you relax.

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Commonly found in green tea, L-theanine is great at helping your dial back a racing heart rate and blood pressure. Several studies have shown that patients given 200 milligrams of L-theanine reported reduced anxiety while allowing them to focus on their tasks at hand.


This herbal supplement has several powerful abilities: it can help you relax in addition to be an effective sleep aid. If you’re trying to beat back anxiety at night, try taking some Valerian steeped in tea. Not only will it help you relax, but it will also promote a good restful nights sleep.


A derivative of the cannabis plant, CBD oil packs a long list of health benefits, including helping to reduce anxiety. CBD oil does not contain any THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, so you can utilize it without getting intoxicated.

Chamomile Tea

A cup of chamomile tea at night can be an effective remedy for calming you down. Studies have shown that chamomile tea can be powerful for treating generalized anxiety disorder. Try grabbing some chamomile tea bags at the grocery store, and adding a bit of honey to it to make a delicious hot beverage that will chip away at your anxiety.


Staying active is great for maintaining your physical health and emotional health. Exercise is good for the brain and can be a powerful tool for treating depression and anxiety. A big reason behind anxiety can stem from worrying about your health, and keeping fit and healthy can make that worry quickly dissipate.

Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most commonly skipped meal of the day, but consequently, it is one of the most important meals of the day! Providing your body with proper nourishment in the morning can be an effective way to get yourself both physically and emotionally ready for the day. Try making some eggs in the morning, they are high in choline, a satiating protein that can help reduce anxiety.

Practice Mindful Meditation

This Buddhist practice has become a powerful therapy in helping people cope with anxiety. One of the cornerstones of mindful meditation is to simply allow yourself to be present in the moment, with a focus on attention and curiosity.

Try Out the Sauna

Heating up your body can help alleviate muscle tension and anxiety. Warmth can alter the neural circuits in your brain that can control mood, which in turn will support a higher production of serotonin in your brain.

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