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Molly The Owl has become an internet sensation after she laid six eggs in a box and as of Sunday night the fourth chick hatched; his name is Wesley. The incident took place on the Royal’s set up U-Stream channel.

Carlos and Donna Royal who live in San Marcos, a suburb just outside of San Diego, are ecstatic. For nearly two years their owl box (equipt with a web cam) sat vacant. The owl, affectionately known as Molly, has since moved in and laid six eggs.

The first chick, named Max, was born and the channel has since became an overnight hit on the internet. In addition to watching the eggs hatch, viewers were excited when they saw Molly’s mate, McGee, bring her a rabbit for dinner.

Just last night another chick cracked its egg and was welcomed into the word live on the internet. It is reported that over 17,000 fans watched and commented live as the new chick (Wesley) poked his way into the world.

So far 3 of the 6 eggs have hatched. One egg is said to have lacked a viable hatchling, so the world is waiting for the fifth and final chick to come into the world. The first three born have been named Max, Pattison and Austin. The chicks are growing daily buy still vying for Molly’s attention.

In addition to the excitement that the owl brings to the Royal family, on Friday the couple announced that New York Times best-selling author Eric Blehm has agreed to create an electronic children’s book about “Molly the Owl.”

Blehm lives in the San Diego costal region of Cardiff and wrote the 2006 nonfiction best-seller, “The Blast Season.” He explains that he has already started work on the book which will include information and exclusives that people haven’t seen on the web. Blehm explains, “I’m going to be able to tell a behind-the-scenes story of how it came to be,” referring to the live feed of the owl family.

The attention that has come from Molly and her chicks has drawn interest about local wildlife. Mayor of San Marcos Jim Desmond announced Friday that the nonprofit San Marcos Community Foundation will create and oversee a special fund that will aid in the ability of locals to carry out projects that benefit local wildlife.

The Royal’s were never looking for their web cam to be a source of monetary gain, Mayor Desmond explains. “(Royal) wasn’t looking to make a profit in any of this…He wanted to know if the city could help him to possibly set up bird-siting areas within the city or within the riparian areas that we’ve already designated for wildlife.”

One more chick awaits birth and will be part of this exciting piece of history and wildlife conservation internet sensation.

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