Mindfulness Workshop in Del Mar

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Mindfulness has become quite the buzzword lately, but what does it really mean? On June 17th at The Fairmont Grand in Del Mar, Jim Cahill will be offering scientific insight on the matter. This enlightening mindfulness workshop will teach attendees important skills that will help them lead an optimum life. Jim Cahill is a former brain researcher at Scripps Research Institute and a long-time practitioner of meditation. His methods combine monitoring and then controlling the mind-body systems that underlie health and well-being.

Life presents you with many challenges. There’s little you can do about that. But you can prepare for them by harnessing the latest technologies and developing new skills to meet with the inevitable: stress, illness, and disease. While you can’t avoid these, you can radically change your responses to them through the new science of Self-Regulation. Recent studies have shown that previously un-imagined levels of self-control of both mind and body are possible—even likely—with the proper training and tools.

In his workshop titled “A Quantified Scientific Approach to Mindfulness”, Cahill will unpack the countless hours that he has spent researching Mindfulness-Based Biofeedback Therapy (MBBT).

What is MBBT?

Biofeedback empowers you to voluntarily control your most basic bodily systems, such as heart rate, respiration, blood flow, brain waves, and muscle tension. Mindfulness is your natural capacity to control your attention, and to decide what’s worth attending to. We all have it, but few of us are systematically trained in using it.

Cahill’s research links eastern and western philosophies of mindfulness and the methods he teaches have helped people plagued with all disorders relating to stress, including chronic pain, skin health, cardiovascular functioning, surgical preparation and recovery. Cahill also trains professionals and athletes seeking to achieve optimum performance and increased well-being in everyday life.

Cahill will touch on the following topics during his time at The Fairmont Grand:

  • Biofeedback & psychophysiology: Western medicine’s answer to meditation
  • Syncing the heart & breath: modern measurements, ancient instructions
  • Stanford’s breakthrough strategy for painless habit change

The Forbes Five-Star spa will host Jim Cahill and his workshop audience on Saturday, June 17. RSVP today for this unique scientific approach to psychophysiology.

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