Mind-Blowing Predictions for the Future

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No one knows for sure what the future holds. Will we live in peace and prosperity, or will we face a deadly demise? There is no sure way to tell, but some have made some peculiar predictions about where mankind will be. Read these mind-blowing future predictions and decide for yourself what tomorrow holds.

Virtual Reality will dominate our digital lives

VR is little more than a fun gimmick right now, but as technology progresses, it will undoubtedly allow for some pretty eerie things. VR will eventually allow us to have experiences that most of us would normally never be able to do. This could include visiting another planet, flying a plane, or even communicate with virtual versions of deceased relatives. Yep, pretty spooky.

Privacy will become a thing of the past

Surveillance and personal data will become the norm, and even invited, all in the name of security. Corporations and governments will find our personal data to have exponential value and continue to gather and sort through mass amounts in order to predict the movements and habits of people.

3D printing will change healthcare

Further developments in 3D printing will allow for exciting possibilities in healthcare, from printing incredibly detailed prosthetics to developing specialized medicines personalized to each person.

Goodbye college?

Going to class could become a thing of the past, with advances in VR and online learning becoming a more economical way of obtaining an education. This could lead to more young people staying at home longer to mitigate the increasing costs of attending a university.

Get ready for crazy weather

Extreme weather will continue to become more commonplace, along with more dangerous tsunamis, wildfires, and other harsh weather patterns. As the effects of climate change continue to become more apparent, we are in store for a lot more natural disasters.

Artificial meat will become widely eaten

With the rising global population, we will soon reach a critical point where it will be difficult to keep up with the planet’s food consumption. Cloned meat could become more common, and could even become hardly discernible from the real thing. Researcher Helena Calle says there are many benefits of artificial meat, including “less waste, less risk of viruses, reduced space requirements, and lower emissions.”

Antibiotics could stop working

With bacteria superbugs becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics, experts predict that we will eventually reach a point where our systems become immune to vaccines and other medications. It’s predicted that by 2050, over 10 million people could die from antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

Nanobots will protect you from getting sick

Tiny robots could be injected into our bloodstream to keep us from getting sick. These little robots would be small enough to swim through our body, attacking any viruses, bacteria, or tumors that could be growing. Cancer could become a thing of the past, according to many healthcare experts.

We may have to leave Earth

By the end of the century, Earth could potentially become so polluted that we will be forced to leave our home planet in search of a new permanent home. Stephen Hawking, the late renowned physicist said that some potential cataclysmic event could force us to find a new place to live within a hundred years.

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