Michael Walters and Probate on Channel 6, “San Diego Living”

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San Diego Entertainer Magazine’s trusted Legal Advisor, Michael Walters, from Walters and Ward shares free legal advice on San Diego’s Channel 6, “Local Living” every Wednesday.

This week Michael Walters talks about the importance of probate.  Probate is a legal process in which your assets are distributed once you die. These assets include property, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and pretty much anything that you own of value.

As Michael Walters explains on the video below, a person’s death initiates this probate process, which can be a hassle.

Probate: freezes your assets, takes a long time to get settled, the proceeding is made public, you may need to hire an attorney and the fees can be very expensive.

Please take the proper steps to create a secure estate plan. Once you have an estate plan in place, you will have laid out exactly how you want your assets distributed and you will ensure your estate (and family) will have proper direction to navigate through the tedious probate process.

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Don’t forget to check out Michael Walter’s weekly Legal Advice, airing Wednesdays on San Diego’s Channel 6, “San Diego Living.”

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