Mental Health Month

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May is considered “Mental Health Month”, a time to raise awareness for people with mental health illnesses. Mental Health America (MHA) chooses a theme or a focal point every year to showcase and to further educate the public on. This year “Risky Business” was chosen. This means they are choosing to raise awareness for any risky events that could benefit our health. This topic was chosen because MHA wants us to study our habits. Habits can be a sign of mental illness, and it is important to know what the signs are. The habits that we create such as going on the internet, or working out, can all effect our mental health stability. On their website there are different tabs for different habits that you can click on and learn more about. Being educated is the most important thing when it comes to habits or mental illnesses, so that the public and society is aware. Being aware causes people to learn and adapt to new situations and outcomes! So why is mental health awareness month so important?

Raises Awareness

Raising awareness for this cause is important because it gives people a voice. Bringing voices to people is what allows our society to learn and show our support and appreciation. There are different events and ways to raise awareness and there are events going on in every local community for the month of May.

Warning Signs

Mental Health Month allows society to be aware of warning signs of mental illness, and how to further investigate. This month brings us awareness to pay attention, and to not brush anything “under the rug”. This month shows society that we all matter.

Educates People

This particular month also educates people on what mental health actually is. Our mental health is how we see the world and all in all, is what goes on in our own individual minds. Educating people raises awareness, which is what this month is all about. There are different ways to make a difference, such as: taking the time to be educated, helping people in need, and being empathetic.

Brings the Community Together

This month brings the community together with different events and activities that people can attend. The community wants everyone to be educated together, so that everyone can learn together as well. The community provides support, so it is important that the community be educated.

Celebrates People

Always celebrate yourself. Know what your mind needs and how to embrace being you. Take a walk outside in the Summer sunshine if you feel stressed or need a moment. This month is about celebrating you!

 This month educates people on what is going on in the world, and in our community. Provide your own support and become further educated on mental illnesses, so that you can be better educated! Provide a helping hand when needed, and know when you yourself, need a helping hand. Enjoy your life by knowing that you have the support of your own community who understands you and is educated as well.

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