Learn Computer Programming with These Easy Steps

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Computer programming can be one of the most valuable skills you can learn nowadays. As we proceed further into the digital age, coding will continue to increase in importance, as well continue have more of a reliance on computers. The thought of learning code can be daunting and seem difficult and confusing, but here are some tips you can use to start off on the right foot to begin your coding journey.

1. Choose a language

There are many different coding languages that are used for different programming. Maybe you’re interested in creating iPhone applications, or maybe you wan’t to just get a broad understanding of coding. There’s no best programming language to learn, but just like learning a spoken language – once you pick up one, it’s easy to pick up another. With that being said, there’s no need to get hung up on which language you choose in the end. Still, there are some languages that are easier than others. Many recommend starting with Python or C, but do some research first to ascertain which one will work best for you.


2. Be patient

With coding, you will need to remind yourself to start small and be patient. You are not going to be designing applications and pulling off “hacks” right off the bat, so it’s important to make sure you understand the basics of coding.

3. Go Slow

When beginning your first coding project, break down the learning modules into smaller, simpler steps. This will keep it from becoming too overwhelming, as learning to code can be a difficult process at first.

4. Take advantage of free resources

The best way to begin learning about coding is using free online training sites. Sites like Codecademy,, and Khan Academy are just a few of the many fantastic resources that are at your disposal. Online tutorials will break down the basics of coding, and allow you to follow along at your own pace, all while accomplishing a project. There is a wealth of books on the internet that can come in handy when learning how to code. With over 500 free programming books available on GitHub, there is no lack of resources.

Along with the free resources mentioned above, there are also a wide range of online courses that can provide a more in-depth learning experience for someone who wants to get serious about their learning. Harvard offers a completely free Computer Science class that will give you the opportunity to get a world class education on the topic from some of the best professors in the world.

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