Learn a New Skill With These Easy-To-Use Services

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Learning apps have become a quick and easy method of enhancing existing skills and developing new ones, serving as a valuable alternative to traditional forms of education. Never before has it been easier to learn and develop new skills that can become a valuable asset to both your career and in life. With essentially endless learning opportunities out there, check out these excellent services to help fulfill you in your lifelong journey of learning. 


Billing itself as a “learning on-demand” app, Udemy offers thousands of different classes and courses, all starting at $10.99. By presenting a learn at your own pace course style, it gives users the flexibility to complete their coursework. Without having to worry about recurring payments each month, it is a perfect option for the busy individual. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the finest free learning databases out there, offering courses on foundational topics, like business, technology, design, mathematics, science, and more. It is a great resource for students and professionals alike, and with easy-to-follow informational videos, it should be a no-brainer to use this app to learn just about anything.


Properly maintaining your mental health is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself, especially when dealing with the ever-growing pressures of the modern world. Headspace is a free app that gives users access to a variety of mental exercises, including breathing, meditating, and mind strengthening tasks intended to build resistance against stress and anxiety. 


What better way to learn a new skill than being taught by an an actual master of a skill? MasterClass allows you the opportunity to get inside the mind of experts from a variety of different skill sets. Whether you want to take a cooking class taught by Chef Gordon Ramsey or a writing course by celebrated author James Patterson, MasterClass is a wholly unique and effective learning service for all your needs. For $180/year, you can gain access to courses from hundreds of experts. 


With each course taken through edX, you will be connected with educators from the likes of prestigious universities including Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. You know you will be getting a world-class education with each class providing valuable experience and knowledge. Each class is completely free to use. 


With more than 22,000 free and premium courses available in the Skillshare database, you’ll find tons of courses focused on topics like writing, lifestyle, health, technology, and plenty of other useful subjects. Each class is developed to help you progress through a new skill and turn you into a bonafide expert in no time. Currently, Skillshare offers users a free trial. If you like the app, you can pay a $45 yearly membership fee which will give you unlimited access to its thousands of courses. 

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