Hysterical Society in San Diego?

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Provided by Hysterical Society webpage

Provided by Hysterical Society webpage

San Diego is known for its beaches, its women, restaurants, nightlife and pristine weather, but how many people know about the Hysterical Society? You may be asking yourself, what in the world is the Hysterical Society? Why is it even being mentioned, and what does it have to do with San Diego?

The Hysterical Society was formed in the 1915 by Andrea Von Balboa, who was a heiress to the Balboa shipping fortune. Balboa, had a credo of bringing truth and beauty to our beloved city by exposing so many forgotten stories and historical events. The integral roles these events played in the development of our city are astounding, and almost unheard of, but Balboa sought out to stop that.

The Hysterical Society is not a page that has video, an extensive database of music, news, media, or advertisements. Instead, it is the most simplistic web design this journalist has viewed in a long time, but something about its name and the way it was presented sparked my interest. I forged on.

Here is their mission statement and maybe you’ll understand my immediate curiosity.

Founded in 1915, the San Diego Hysterical Society has worked to keep alive the memories of an otherwise forgotten San Diego.

In these pages you will meet people, see places and things that you may never have known were important parts of San Diego’s history.

So, sit back and browse your way through to a better understanding of what made San Diego what it is today.

See what I’m saying? It was like Short Round (Jonathan Quan, also in the Goonies, the funny Asian kid we all loved) from Indiana Jones was yelling, “Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones, there’s no time for love, we’ve got to go!”

After all, what kind of San Diegan would I be if I didn’t  go on this adventure that is The Hysterical Society?

Proceeding to the next page I felt like a fat kid at an all-you-can-eat cake festival, and the theme of the day was chocolate fudge on top of cookies and cream.

Lying before me was four categories to choose from: things in San Diego, people in San Diego, events in San Diego and places in San Diego. Each category consisted of some of the most unforgettable stories that I have ever read about San Diego, and some of the most appreciative and enjoyable sides of the city has experienced.

Wyatt Earp’s fountain in Downtown, Mount Helix the Wrestler, La Jolla lighthouse, and much much more are some of the stories that can be seen on the website. The stories are rooted deep into our cities rich history and add a sense of understanding to some of the greatest monuments in San Diego.

If having hysteria is anything like what the Hysterical Society is doing, sign me up. Its sites like these that do so much for out city, but are so unknown that it is a shame.  Go visit the site, any true San Diegan would, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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