Google introduces Street View of SDSU, Legoland

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The SDSU Library on Google Maps Street View

The SDSU Library on Google Maps Street View

Have you ever been tired of two dimensional maps where you can’t see much or get a feel for the area? Wished for something more interactive and intuitive? Well the new implementations in Google Maps will make those wishes come true, starting in San Diego.

Google Maps is known for its convenient overhead street views that allows users to see a literal map of their destination. Google is taking a new step however, by soon allowing users to step into a 360 degrees first person view. This will allow users to interact with the environment, and scroll through the area as if they are walking through it themselves.

San Diego State and Carlsbad’s Legoland have been chosen as the first areas to have this 360 degree function implemented online. To make this work, a Google employee rode around SDSU with nine cameras, taking thorough shots of the campus at street level.

Prospective students can now tour the campus and familiarize themselves with their surroundings while alumni can take a stroll down memory lane the online way. Hopefully this innovation — beginning in San Diego — will soon expand nationwide, giving people a fuller virtual experience.

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