Golf Tip #1 With Adam Porzak: Learning to Play Underneath You

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The SD Entertainer Magazine was lucky enough to meet with Adam Porzak with the Porzak Golf Academy. Since Porzak has worked under three top 50 instructors as a player and/or instructor and has years of teaching under his belt, he was able to share helpful tips to start our latest series, “Golf Tips with Adam Porzak.”

Porzak specializes in teaching his junior, high school, collegiate, and professional students how to identify their individual swing at Porzak Golf Academy located in Carlsbad. In the video, he said that his two checkpoint tip, “learning to play underneath you,” shed light on one of the core principles at the academy.

“One of the core principles of the Porzak Golf Academy is learning how to play underneath us, as opposed to around us,” he said. This keeps the club on a straighter path towards the target where the square club face is as long as possible”

Porzak’s tip for setting up the golf ball was both clear and helpful for a wide audience of players and non-players. His physical and verbal demonstration advised that golfers should put their shoulders past their toes, without flexing their hips. Instead, he insisted that golfers should flex their knees with their hip joint on the top of their ankle.

For more information on how to enjoy your golf game more, visit Porzak Academy and check out the various resources available for both golf enthusiasts and wanna-be enthusiasts. On the website, you’ll find a blog, various golf class options, and information about the behind the scenes team.

Also, check out the video below for an insightful look on his hole-in-one tip  that has the potential of helping you better your swing. Make sure to check back with the SD Entertainer magazine to see more “Golf Tips With Porzak,” because we have a lot more where that came from.

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