Fun (and Cheap) Ideas for a Girls’ Night

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It doesn’t matter how old we are; sometimes, the perfect cure for life’s blues is to call up some girlfriends and laugh all night. But getting a little social interaction shouldn’t have to come with a huge price tag. Our fun and cheap ideas for a girls’ night will give you and your gal pals a night to remember.

Kitchen Karaoke

You don’t need to go to the bar to get your karaoke fix. Invest in a $30 Bluetooth karaoke microphone. All you have to do is hook it up to your phone, and you’ll have an entire YouTube collection’s worth of karaoke tracks. Invite the girls over for some snacks, and belt your heart out. Even the most timid member of your friend group will feel comfortable stepping up to the microphone.

Go Roller Skating

Roller rinks will be opening up again soon, but you can still get a little practice in the meantime. Instead of getting together for a jog, go for a skate up Mission Beach or through Balboa Park. You’ll get your workout in and feel like a kid again. And when you’re done, top off this fun and cheap girls’ night by getting smoothies.

Hobby Night

Girls’ nights are all about spontaneity, and spontaneity is all about trying new things. Why not make an adventure of trying a new hobby together? Mark your calendar for a monthly or bi-monthly “Hobby Night” where you take turns picking out a new activity to try. Pull up an online cooking class, check out a book about soap carving, or get together and write some poetry for an in-house poetry slam.

Dinner and a Show

As much as we miss the movie theatres, most of us don’t miss the exorbitant prices. Though, of course, it was nice to have a place to wear our cute outfits. You can skip the overpriced snacks by hosting a movie night at your house. Order curbside pickup from your favorite restaurant, put on your best going-out clothes, and pull up your favorite flick on Netflix or Disney+. Or, if you want higher culture, try getting a free trial of BroadwayHD and enjoying some live-adjacent theater.

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