Weakening to Category 4, Hurricane Jimena path heads towards Baja

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photo from National Hurricane Center

Photo from National Hurricane Center

Just released by the National Hurricane Center, Jimena has weakened slightly but still remains a category 4 storm as it approaches Baja California.

Early this morning, the Mexican government reported a hurricane warning for Baja California, meaning that Hurricane Jimena is expected to reach the region in the next 24 hours, with forecasters predicting that it will hit by evening today.  With winds of 155 miles per hour, Jimena is just one mph short of becoming a category 5 hurricane, the highest category possible.

Officials in Baja California towns such as Los Cabos have asked residents to evacuate for their own safety.  However, as residents seek refuge in city shelters, many thrill seekers have arrived in these areas with the sole intent of getting caught in the middle of the storm.

High winds from tropical storms can create excellent surf when conditions are right. With winds creating waves 10 to 12 feet high, cities like Los Cabos have drawn the attention of some thrill seeking surfers, despite warnings by authorities.

If you were wondering how this would affect San Diego’s surf forecast, don’t get too excited. Her current projected path keeps her from sending any big waves our way. She will generate monstrous waves for Southern Baja and parts of Northern Mexico, but obviously, it would be a horrifically stupid idea to try and surf in a hurricane.  Let this one pass and wait for the next big storm to send some big surf our way.

San Diegans may not have to wait too long. Tropical Storm Kevin is also brewing out in the Pacific. It’s a relatively weak tropical storm as of now, but he is in the position to affect San Diego swells. Most likely local beaches will not see much of a difference; probably only a weak south/south westerly pulse over the next few days.

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