Diary of a Blonde Wandering: The Grand Canyon

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Welcome to my travel diary: Diary of a Blonde Wandering. I’m a travel blogger and an international flight attendant and I’m excited to be able to share with you my travel diary and hopefully, in some small way, I can inspire you to see some of the world in any way that you can.

I’ve done lots of great things this year, and I will share these stories with you. From hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa to seeing the wildlife in Nairobi, Kenya, it surely has been an eventful 2018. Another great adventure was visiting the Grand Canyon.

Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon

This was one of my all time bucket list goals, taking off in a helicopter and landing in the Grand Canyon. As one of the seven natural Wonders of the World, it did not disappoint. We flew with Papillon and took off from their terminal in Boulder City. We had stunning views of the Hoover Dam, Grand Wash Cliffs and Grand Canyon right before we landed into the Canyon, a staggering 4,000 feet below the rim.

It was like something out of a movie scene. It didn’t look real and we kept pinching ourselves the whole time. I’ve always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, and I think watching Thelma and Louise played a big part in that. I remember the scenery from the movie so well. It’s the reason I also have Monument Valley on my bucket list.

Once we landed into the Canyon we were taken on a pontoon boat cruise on the Colorado River which gave us a different perspective of the inside of the Canyon. Instead of looking down into it, we were now looking up.

We flew out of the Canyon in our helicopter once more and landed right next to the sky walk which was a crazy 4,000 feet above the Canyon again. It was a half circle that went out over the Grand Canyon with a glass floor that allowed you to look down below. We weren’t allowed to take cameras onto the Skywalk but there is a photographer there to take your picture.

We followed that with a spot of lunch in the sun and there are tons of photo opportunities once you are off the Skywalk. It was a pretty spectacular day.

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