Diane Sawyer in as new ABC News Anchor

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Charlie Gibson Interview (Photo from 'Freddthompson' via Flickr)

Charlie Gibson Interview (Photo from 'Freddthompson' via Flickr)

Anchor Charlie Gibson “livid” about choice?

We know, it hardly counts the hottest entertainment news, but it still presented an interesting scenario when ABC News Anchor, Charlie Gibson announced his pending retirement a few days ago.

Apparently when Gibson informed ABC News President David Westin of his decision (again) to retire, Westin immediately moved to name Diane Sawyer as his replacement. Entertainer sources indicate that Gibson was “livid” at the choice. Of course ABC is claiming that is not true and that Westin told Gibson from the beginning of discussions about his retirement that Sawyer would be his replacement. Westin is also quoted as saying he didn’t want Gibson to retire and “wished for a different result.”

Sawyer had expressed interest in the anchor job in 2006, but chose not to pursue it if it meant that might take it away from Gibson.

One interesting piece of evidence to the reality of the situation might be that Gibson made absolutely no mention of Diane Sawyer by name when he made his on air announcement. Hmmmm…


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