Fitness Tip from the Sporting Club in La Jolla: Core Strengthening

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Last week, an expert physical trainer from The Sporting Club at the Aventine in La Jolla, CA was featured on “Get Fit Wednesday”  a weekly segment on San Diego Living which airs on The CW Network  channel 6 in San Diego.  Kris Machain from The Sporting Club, with the help of an assistant, demonstrated the ‘5 Point Variation.’

Machain walks us through these moves that can be performed at home or at the gym. The target areas are your core muscles and problem areas.

He suggested starting in a side plank position, holding your body as straight as possible, and propped on your forearms.  His first variation requires you to dip your hips down to the floor and raise them up as high as you can go. The second variation he leads you through is called the ‘Arm Pull Through.’ Here you start with your arm on your side and draw a straight line up your body through your arm pit up and over your head. The last variation is called ‘Thread the Needle,’ where you raise your arm above your body and rotate it from above to below your body, so that your elbow goes under your torso.

The Sporting Club is one of San Diego’s premier fitness clubs. Not only do they employ the top trainers in San Diego, but they also have Yoga, Pilates, and various other group fitness classes that will help all their members meet their fitness and health goals. Their facilities include a state of the art gym, a Junior Olympic sized pool, child care, and a café with a juice bar.

They also provide various spa and physical therapy treatments on site. So after a challenging spin class and work out, members can relax with a massage or skin treatment.  Or if you pulled a hamstring during an intense game of basketball, then the onsite physical therapist is there to assist you. The Sporting Club is truly a heaven for San Diegans who want a great work-out and a bit of pampering afterwards.

To learn more, read our latest feature on the club here.

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