Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

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Clothes, accessories, shoes, cleaning supplies, bedding, toiletries, trinkets… We keep a lot of stuff in our closets. Every now and again, we realize that all of the stuff in our closets need to be organized, rearranged, or donated. Depending on the state of your closet, this might be a monumental task. If decluttering and organizing are not done regularly, the junk and mayhem can add up fast, making the chore all the more difficult and time-consuming when it finally becomes necessary. We’ve found some tips and tricks to make the job a little easier and some ideas that will help you maintain a clean closet.

The first step of organizing your closet will be to donate the items and clothes that you no longer use. Typically, a good rule of thumb is to let go of any items that haven’t been worn or used in the last 6 months. Chances are, if you haven’t worn something in half a year, you most likely won’t wear it in the future. Knowing when to say goodbye to clothes and other items that take up room in your closet is a vital part of keeping it clean and organized, otherwise the junk will add up and your storage space will be taken up by unwanted items. Getting rid of your old stuff can be fun, too. Invite your friends over to pillage through your old clothes. Open up a bottle of wine or make some appetizers to grub on while you host a rummage party.

Unless you have reasons to travel regularly, suitcases aren’t used very often. Suitcases are a great place to store out of season clothes so they don’t take up prime real estate in your closet. Instead of hanging winter coats in the back of your closet during the summer, store them away in a suitcase under your bed or on a shelf at the top of your closet. This allows more room for items that you actually use. It also ensures that you clean out your closet twice a year (once during warmer weather and once during colder months).

Investing in a shoe rack is something you won’t regret. Shoes are bulky and heavy, and they often take up a lot of space in a closet. Designating a specific area for them helps when you need to find the perfect pair on the fly, and it also keeps the rest of your closet free for other items. There are all different types of shoe racks, so choose one that will work best with the functionality of your closet. If you aren’t using the inside of your closet door to hang anything else, consider buying a plastic shoe hanger. If the inside of your door is already utilized, purchase a floor rack. Another option is to store shoes in clear, plastic bins. You will be able to see them and the bins will also help protect your shoes from scuffs and scratches.

There is often a struggle when deciding which items to hang in the closet and which to fold and put away in drawers. We suggest hanging lighter items and those that wrinkle easily. Hang skirts, shirts, suits, and jackets. Fold knitwear, t-shirts, loungewear and denim.

As summer approaches and you begin to reach to the recesses of your closet for clothes more suitable for warmer weather, we hope you keep these tips in mind and find them helpful.

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