Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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“Love don’t cost a thing.” -J-Lo.

For every Valentine’s Day hater, there’s a romantic who appreciates having a holiday that’s all about showing some love. Even the bitter cold of mid-February can’t chill this lover’s heart. The only problem? Money. We wanted to give you some options which are more original than dinner out, and won’t drain your wallet.

If you can’t afford to go to the movies or out for dinner often, you have to get creative and find affordable fun, whether that’s Netflix and PBR, or mountain biking. Chances are, you bond a lot more over your Ray Donovan obsession and that time you face planted on the hiking trail than you would in a restaurant or dark theater anyway.

Don’t let living paycheck to paycheck keep you from having a Valentine’s Day that makes your heart do little flips. Pick one of these activities that prove it’s totally fine (and possibly better) to be a cheap date.


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