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As a man, it’s somewhat embarrassing to tell other men that you get your hair cut at a day spa. The knee-jerk reaction is that the services of a day spa are reserved for the fairer sex. That knee-jerk reaction is usually reserved for jocks and frat guys because there’s nothing emasculating about wanting a quality haircut and looking good for your wife, girlfriend or any other woman you may encounter.

I’ve been getting my hair cut at Bellissima Day Spa for years. When you get good haircuts you start to notice the difference between ones that cost twelve dollars and the ones that are more expensive. Bellissima has a spectacular team of stylists that are both talented and versatile.

Bellissima does more than just cut hair. It is a European-style day spa located on Grand Avenue in Escondido. They do nails, massage therapy and face and body treatments. I have never had a massage or any kind of skin treatment but I wanted to know what it was like. I decided to get a facial peel and a massage.

My massage was amazing. I got a 50 minute massage that focused mostly on my back and shoulders. It was wonderful. The rooms were comfortable and my massage therapist was extremely nice and professional. I left the massage room feeling as if all my cares and worries had melted away.

Next I was off to get a facial treatment from Stacy, an esthetician at Bellissima Day Spa. With my massage, I knew what to expect; but I had no idea what was going to happen during my facial treatment.

During a facial treatment certain enzymes, oils and creams are applied to the face to break down and remove dead skin. This gives your skin a vibrant and healthy appearance. During the peel, Stacy also gave me a hand and neck massage that was absolutely fantastic. Afterwards, my face felt smooth, clean and refreshed.

As a man, it is a bit unsettling to walk into a pink building full of women. Some may say that it is not manly to care for your appearance; that it is feminine to take care of your skin. All I can tell you is that when I left, I felt like a new man.


122 E Grand Avenue
Escondido, CA

Phone: (760)480-9072

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