Are Detox Diets Just a Marketing Gimmick?

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Thousands of people have turned to so-called detox diets to rid their bodies of toxins,  with countless cleanses promising a variety of health benefits. Typically, these diets include following a very specific and restrictive diet, usually including raw vegetables, fruit juice, and water. Others include using herbs, spices, and other supplements to fully empty the contents of one’s digestive system.

The idea in question sounds great. Go on a quick five day juice cleanse, and finish with a body flushed of its many toxins. The problem with this is that there is little evidence showing that these dies actually remove toxins from the body. What people often forget is that the human body is the best defense against removing ingested toxins. The kidneys and liver are highly effective at being filtering out harmful substances in your body, and should be your first and best defense. 

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This, however, has not stopped people from lining up to purchase expensive juice cleanses or adopting an overly restrictive detox diet. You’ll find countless reviews online that swear by the efficacy of detox diets and cleanses, so if they are just a gimmick, why do people say they work?

Cleanses and detoxes can have some positive effects for the user due to the fact that the diet completely eliminated highly processed foods, including solid fats and added sugar. This also includes a drastically reduced amount of carbs, including the refined carbs that have become so common in our modern diets. This exclusion can often give users a temporary feeling of euphoria, making it seem as if the diet is working as promised. 

These diets can become dangerous in the long-term, as they are so restrictive it becomes difficult to get all the necessary nutrients your body requires to be healthy. Other negative side effects could include cramping, nausea, vomiting, and even dehydration. 

Despite this, hundreds of detox products, cleanses, and diets promise to be the next key to you losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to be swayed by the slick marketing gimmicks that are often rolled up in them. If the thought of starting a detox or cleanse comes to mind, it might be a good idea to instead turn to regular exercise and enjoying a healthy, balanced diet. 

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