Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Actually Afford

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re the gift-giving kind, you might be freaking out. If money is tight this month, but you still want to make your valentine smile with a special gift, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are a handful of practical, funny, and memorable gifts for $20 or less that your special someone will enjoy.

Have you ever checked out the Groupon’s “Goods” section? In addition to their great discounts on activities and cosmetics, they have reasonably priced gifts. You might even score a great item for a fraction of the price. We found a couple ideas from Groupon that t you will love:

AQUA SoundBooth Bluetooth Speaker $9.99  

These suction-mounted speakers stick right on the wall of your shower and are a great buy for anyone who can’t bathe without a groovy set. They have the capability to answer calls with their built-in speakerphone and you won’t need to get out of the shower to adjust the volume controls or skip a song. Take the Aqua SoundBooth with you on a boat as you go whale watching this winter, or get a playlist ready to host the first summer pool party. This product comes in solid colors or fun designs (like purple zebra or anchor-themed).

POO-pourri $6.99 (and up)

Photo Credit: SoapyLoveDeb, Flickr-Creative Commons

You’ve probably seen the ridiculous advertisement commercials for this product, but aside from the ridiculousness, this works. Pooping is something no one wants to know about or talk about, but if you’re not afraid to cross “that” boundary, this gift will make you both fall to the ground laughing. Whether you and your date have an inside joke about it, have been dating for years, or just enjoy a good laugh, POO-pourri will hit your funny bone. This item creates an oil layer in the toilet that prevents the smell from breaking through and was originally just for the toilet. However, the creators are now offering products for pets, bad breath, and smelly shoes. If you’re wanting to take yourself a little less seriously this holiday, this a great opportunity to laugh with your partner.


Another great place to shop? Amazon. Because let’s face it, who can beat Amazon Prime? Amazon is a one stop shop for accessible shopping, fast deliveries, and returns. Moreover, there are incredible gifts from around the world complete with reviews.


Ember Arts Bracelet $13.99

Help support a cause while giving your lady a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear. This company runs out of San Diego and helps support the dreams of women from Uganda. Eco-friendly jewelry with a connection to both local and global dream-making, the purchase of this gift will go far. Each bracelet comes with a story card to share the vision of Ember Arts and their empowering dreamers. This is a great opportunity to encourage your loved one and to support a cause! 

Photo Credit: Jena Willard, Ember Arts

Apex 4-in-1 Smartphone Lenses $19.99

In today’s age, taking photos is an everyday routine because of the accessibility to an iPhone camera. The camera’s technology keeps improving and creates great opportunities to take pictures of all of your memories. This 4-in-1 lens deal comes with an 8x Telephoto Lens, Fisheye Lens, Wide Angle Lens, and Macro Lens. Does your Valentine LOVE taking photos? Help them take their photography to the next level with these fun, multi-purpose lenses.

Sometimes you just score with the perfect deal at the perfect time. That’s how we see this final gift. Parabo is offering FREE gifts for first time users, and they are the quintessential Valentine’s Day gifts.

Square Print Photos or Photobook (Free) 

Parabo transforms your Instagram and photo feed into books, and square prints at their website. They are offering a free book for new customers. You can get your first softcover photo book FREE (just pay shipping) if you are new to their site. Your choice of a 5.5” or 8” square book comes with 32 photos to celebrate a trip, relationship, or compilation of your family! They normally run for $16 a book (so, it is still a reasonable deal if you are already a Parabo customer). If you’re wanting to decorate a whole room, not just your coffee table, consider their FREE 25 square print option. First time customers can select 25 of their favorite photos to be printed on square matte paper to decorate a wall, fridge, or corkboard. Show your Valentine how much they are loved with a photo compilation of you two.

Whatever gift you choose, remember, it’s what’s in your heart that counts.

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