7 Charitable New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2020

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2020—a new decade, a fresh start, a blank slate for positive, motivational, and uplifting change. Numerous people make resolutions, as these are often solutions to positive change—we strive to alter ourselves and our mindsets to meet the standards of what we want this new year to be. In a previous post, we discussed a few different tips for following through with this positive change. Today, we’ll delve into some ideas that are outside of the realm of ourselves and that, instead, dig into the idea of charitable giving. Because, yes, it is vital to make healthy changes in our personal lives, but it’s just as important to help those in the community as well. Who knows, adding in some of our charitable New Year’s resolution ideas to your “Positive Changes 2020” list may check off some of your other personal goals as well. Check them out below!

Prioritize Eco-Friendly Choices

Positive change number one: prioritize eco-friendliness. The sooner you make smart, eco-friendly choices, the sooner your body, mindset, and environment will steadily change for the better. Though making a positive impact in the world might seem futile as just one person, these little decisions add up. Choose to support farmers’ markets over big grocers, compost instead of trash, cycle rather than drive—decide on a few you’d like to add and stick to them.

Volunteer Regularly

Another great charitable resolution idea is to volunteer. The holidays tend to be the time when people give more, but what if you stuck to that idea throughout the year? What if you volunteered regularly at the soup kitchen you visited once during the holidays? This idea of regular volunteering helps not just your community but adds more enrichment to your life as well.

Donate Once a Month

Many of us live on a lot more than we truly need. If you want to live more of a minimalist lifestyle, then start by donating more. Look into what you can donate to charity, and then make it a goal to donate a bag or so once a month. This will help keep your home clean and clutter-free, and you can immensely help out your chosen charity!

Give Blood More Often

Giving blood may not be for everyone, but if you have an uncommon blood type, know that this charitable resolution could save lives. In fact, it does save lives. So, if you can stomach it, get in to donate blood at least every other month or so.

Organize an Annual Charity Fundraiser

This is definitely a bigger project to take on, but it’s something that you can work on throughout the year. If you feel strongly about a particular charity or cause, start planning a fundraiser. This can be as big or small as you want, but it could turn into something magnificent that will help loads of people. Think about it like planning a party, but in addition, you ask guests to donate to a cause—people will love it, and your soul will too!

Donate Your Skills to a Cause

This is a simple one. If you have skills (and all of you do!), figure out a way to donate your skills to a worthy cause. If you’re a graphic designer, help out your local theatre program and design posters. If you’re a good business leader, offer to mentor community college students. Your talents can spread far and wide when you let them.

Be Kinder

And finally—be kind. The more happiness, support, and love you spread, the better your environment becomes. A small, selfless, kind act each day is sure to spark a fire.

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