3D TVs coming to stores this week

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Photo from David Berkowitz via Flickr

Photo from David Berkowitz via Flickr

Disney’s 3D movie “Alice in Wonderland” just passed “Avatar’s” opening weekend record of $116.2 million and this week Samsung and Panasonic want you to enjoy this new viewing format from the comfort of your living room couch. Panasonic will start selling their 3D TVs Wednesday at Best Buy Stores.

Thanks to the recent success of 3D movies at the box office, TV makers are hoping that consumers will clamor to buy 3D TVs to enjoy these movies in all of their new dimensional splendor. Samsung revealed Tuesday the pricing and current availability for their 3D TVs while Sony announced that their 3D sets will arrive on June 10.  LG also has a 3D lineup ready for release in May with Vizio following in August.

Before you camp out at Best Buy to be the first to purchase a 3D TV you should keep in mind that there isn’t much to watch in 3D yet. It is rumored that pop singer Lady Gaga plans to release a 3D concert DVD but that is not yet confirmed. Disney wants to release “Alice in Wonderland” on DVD by May and animation studio DreamWorks has plans to release all “Shrek” movies in 3D but other than kids’ movies, you won’t find much variety in programming, yet.

However, ESPN has announced that they plan to launch a 3D channel and will begin broadcasting live games in 3D in June when the World Cup of Soccer begins. Sony has also announced it is partnering with Discovery networks to develop a 3D network. DirectTV plans to allow their HD subscribers to get a free software update to watch 3D channels. If 3D programming proves to be successful then there will surely be more variety in entertainment to come.

3D televisions are sure to be appealing to video game enthusiasts, at least that is what Sony is counting on. The PlayStation 3 is already 3D game capable and with the release of 3D titles they hope gamers will rush to experience first person shooter video games in a new dimension.

Just how much will a 3D TV set you back? Samsung has a promotional bundle available through Best Buy. For $3,000 you can purchase a 46 inch 3D TV, a Blu-ray player, an additional pair of glasses and the all new 1080p 3D Blu-ray DVD of “Monsters vs. Aliens.” Panasonic also has its own bundle, for the same price you can get a 50 inch 3D TV, a Blu-ray player and a pair of glasses. All of these 3D sets will require viewers to wear somewhat bulky glasses that will need to be recharged periodically and most of the televisions already come with two pairs.

Before you go out and purchase a 3D television make sure to gather information so you can make an educated purchase which will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite programs come to life for years to come.

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