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The Police’s Stewart Copeland in San Diego next weekend

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Photo provided by 'dream4akeem' via Flickr

Photo from 'dream4akeem' via Flickr

Renowned drummer Stewart Copeland of The Police is coming to San Diego this August. Copeland will be working with two other composers to head this year’s La Jolla Music Society Summerfest.  The other composers accompanying Copeland in this new and innovative adventure will be George Tsontakis and Paul Schoenfield.

Copeland’s presence at the event is a new endeavor sought out by The La Jolla Music Society. Beach, the society’s president, and artist director was quoted on SDNN saying, “In the past, we’ve usually commissioned people who regularly write classical music.”

Beach also stated, “I figured there are a helluva lot of great film composers who all went to the same universities and graduate programs that the classical composers did.”

Copeland, who is mainly known for his role in the band The Police, is not only a drummer but also a composer as well. He has composed several scores in films that have honorable mention, such as “Rumble Fish” a Francis Ford Coppola film, and is currently working on “Ben Hur Live.”

With his work in film, and music Copeland’s nomination is a deserving one. In all his work he has never fallen short, proving himself time and time again; Copeland has always surprised and pleased audiences around the world.

This year’s Summerfest will be a challenge for Copeland, despite having worked on many compositions for film and theatre. Summerfest is a level above the rest. Working with renowned classical composers and musicians, Copeland will see what he is made of.

The highly anticipated event at this year’s 14- show festival is looking to be one of the most awaited among the fans. Everyone wants to see how Copeland will perform, and if he will stun the crowd with a musical onslaught the likes of which they have never seen. With Copeland at the helm of this classical ship, it looks like this year’s Summerfest is going to a revolutionary one.

Performing on August 21, Copeland’s long awaited debut at The La Jolla Music Society will finally come to fruition, and many will be there to witness it.

SummerFest Commissions – World Premières
Friday, August 21
Sherwood Auditorium — Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
700 Prospect Street
La Jolla

Tickets — $40, $60

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