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Swing Dance Mondays in Balboa Park

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Learn a new skill this spring, and have fun while doing it! Every Monday in Balboa Park, Swing Dancing SD offers beginner and intermediate swing dancing classes for participants of all skill levels. Grab a partner to sign up with you, and pay a monthly membership to get the practice you need to develop your skills into a full dancing routine. Beginners are encouraged to take three entry-level courses before moving on to the intermediate levels. This will not only help keep the class flowing, but it will also help you to become an expert in the basic footwork of swing.

Swing Dancing San Diego (SDSD) has a “dance more, talk less” approach to dancing, helping students become their best dancing selves. Beginner classes are an hour long, from 7:30-8:30PM on Mondays in Balboa Park.

Ready for the next level? Intermediate classes begin at 8:30pm and are a great match for the seasoned swing dancer who has taken at least three classes. Sign up for a Lindy or Jitterbug class in addition to your Intermediate class and be eligible for a discount.

SDSD also teaches the “Pure Balboa,” a dance that began in the 1930s on the Balboa Peninsula. This closed-position dance is meant for songs with a faster tempo, and includes advanced footwork.

If you haven’t tried swing, we’d definitely recommend it. Swing-dancers everywhere have formed a community, encouraging one another’s practices and taking away any shame for beginners. It truly is a unique culture of people who are wanting to dance like the past and invite others to join along. Plus, It’s a great form of exercise to give your body a rest from the running, without losing the cardiac engagement.

Check their calendar for any other classes that they offer, as well as special events.


Veterans Museum at Balboa Park
2115 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101


Classes range from $15/dancer drop-in rate to $50/dancer drop-in monthly rate. Pre-register to receive a $10 or $20 monthly discount!

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