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San Diego Social Media Day arrives on June 30

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social3Online gurus and geniuses will be gathering “offline” (in other words, in person) or IRL (“in real life”) at the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina next Monday, June 30, from 9:45 in the morning until 4:45 in the evening. Days after Hilary is in town for the largest biotech professionals gathering on the planet, the fifth annual Social Media Day will bring together the biggest collection of social media specialists ever.

The conference, composed of two different learning paths and many opportunities to network (the old fashioned way) marks the many aspects of modern life and commerce that have been touched by the creation and widespread adoption of social media techniques by commerce and business.

“Social Media Beach” is the name many in the industry have unofficially bestowed upon America’s Finest City. Several of the leading thinkers in the social media brain trust choose to reside here, and many of them will be speakers at the event. Among those attending and holding sessions are YouTube’s Zach King, Instagram’s Jenn Herman, Google+’s Martin Shervington, LinkedIn’s Ron Nash and Facebook’s Mari Smith.social2

During the teaching portion of the conference several large San Diego-based corporations that have been using social media to grow and strengthen their brands will share ideas, tactics, overall strategic visions and tricks of the trade. Firms with a presence at the event include Petco, the San Diego Chargers, and Facebook.

Tickets for the learning classes are $75. The networking reception, which begins at 5 pm and offers food, wine and drinks, is open to the public and is free.

social1Nationally, Social Media Day was first begun by Mashable four years ago. It is a commemoration of the accomplishments in technology and computer programming, as applicable to the internet, which allow all people to keep in touch in real-time, to exchange information via voice and text regardless of their location in the world, and to use the different websites that have grown over time to coordinate both personal and commercial interests. In San Diego, the conference is logistically run by Casual Fridays and Web Wizards.

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