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Readers Share Their Independence Day Celebrations

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There is no right or wrong way to celebrate our country’s independence. Many get traditional with barbecues and fireworks while others uphold family traditions such as going camping or traveling to a national monument.

The staff here at San Diego Entertainer Magazine wanted to know how you celebrate your Fourth of July, so we asked this question on our Facebook page: “What is everyone doing for the 4th of July? Let us know and your response could be posted on sdentertainer.com”

Below are some of our favorite responses. But no matter what your holiday weekend entails, whether its hot dogs, swimming, or even just taking the time off to sleep in late, make sure you have fun while doing it!

Benito Barrios Jr.: eat ! and eat some more ! and drink some beers ! 😀

Michael Carrera: DJing the Saturday Pool Party – 4th of July Weekend at Bourbon Street

Olivia James: Going to a private party…

Michael Fouts: ‎”Big Gig” !!! The Ultimate Pre-4th of July Pool Party!! (on july 2nd!)

Marr Bulls: Sitting on my boat, in the harbor with friends watching the fireworks, grilling treats and some tasty drinks… Oh yeah!

Debbie Lyons: will be watching the fireworks from the bayfront hilton near seaport village then headed to work later that night at 11 pm at the Omni Hotel

Janet Fry: My favorite spot in Coronado at the Ferry Landing.

Taylor M. Murphy: Working: hubby gets holiday pay at work, and I get no pay at home.

Michael Weiss: In the top row of Shamu stadium watching the fireworks. Family tradition for over 5 yrs.

Allison Rulloda: I’ll be heading to LA for a weekend of festivities. Pool parties, BBQ, and fireworks at Manhattan Beach I’m excited.

Taryn Huhn: I’ll be heading to San Clemente to go shopping and hang out by the water. Should be casual weekend with friends, which is what the 4th of July should be about.

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