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Philanthro Productions and Pencils of Promise Present “POP!” charity event Saturday

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Philanthro Productions is partnering with Pencils of Promise to present “POP!” a Multi-City Party Saturday Nov. 13 at 9:00pm to raise money to build schools and raise educational awareness in developing countries.

Philanthro Productions is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing young adults opportunities to give back to charities by doing something they love to do – partying!

Philanthro donates its profits to different charities for each event, allowing young professionals to get involved in various charities by partying for a better purpose.

Stephanie Dang, Co-President of Philanthro Productions in San Diego says, “Philanthro Productions aims to eliminate the trade-off between hanging out with friends and giving back to the community. By hosting these parties and charging a low cover, young adults will not only enjoy their time but also help a larger cause. If you’re going to go out to a club, how about a club where your money goes toward building a school in a developing country?”

The event this Saturday benefits Pencils of Promise, a charity dedicated to building schools in developing countries.  By 2010 they will have built 15 schools and educated 579 children.

“POP!” is Philanthro’s first ever tri-city event.  This means that the Philanthro Productions chapters in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco will each host a party in their respective cities to benefit Pencils of Promise.

“This is the first time ever that all Philanthro cities will be hosting events at the exact same time. We are so proud of this and it will be the biggest accomplishment that Philanthro has ever achieved,” according to Dang.

An additional 4 cities will be hosting smaller events in New York, Boston, Denver and Dallas on the same night as well.  Not only will all the parties be happening simultaneously, but they’ll be streaming the parties live for you to see! Do you have a friend in San Francisco? Tell them to go to “POP!” in San Francisco and you may see them on the live video feed!

By joining all 7 cities together the goal is to raise enough money to build at least one new Pencils of Promise school. It will be an amazing feat if philanthropists and party goers can raise enough money to build an entire school in one night. Where else will you be able to dance, mingle, party AND do good for the world? POP! will not be your average night out, that’s for sure.

The San Diego event will take place at The W hotel in Downtown San Diego at 421 West B Street.  The venue is known for its all-sand lounge on the very top floor, Beach. The other floors include the pool area (sorry– no swimming this time), the dance floor, and the first floor lobby.  Doors open at 9 p.m. DJswill be spinning on all three floors and there will be additional entertainment as well.

“POP!” will have all the elements of your typical night out downtown– drinks, dancing, etc. However Philanthro goes further to provide an unforgettable experience. They offer more than your average night — “We are having a bellydancing performance, bodypainter, games, and free food,” says Dang.

Tickets are available online at http://sdmcevent.eventbrite.com/ for $15 but use promo code SDENT online and get $5 dollars off.

The Entertainment for the night includes 3 top DJ’s: The Office Twins, DJ Kray-Z-K and DJ Coda Collins. There will also be a live performance by the Urban Tribal Dance Company.

Popchips will be providing complimentary chips throughout the event, and Dolce Donuts will be there making fresh (that’s right, fresh) donuts for guests to enjoy.  In addition to dancing, socializing, eating, and drinking, there will also be an area for solo games and multi-person games so you can learn more about Pencils of Promise and what they do.

Game winners will get coupons to the raffle giveaway or the silent auction.  Don’t pass up the silent auction table because Philanthro has partnered with sponsors who have donated items such as a Mary Kay basket, a Fish Market dinner, a photography session, a salon haircut, and a wine lesson from PRP International. You can win any of these prizes for pennies on the dollar, and best of all it goes to charity.

For those readers already planning to go out Saturday night, but not sold on POP!, Dang encourages, “You would probably spend more money in a cover charge at another club and I believe Philanthro events are bigger and better experiences.”

Please join the Entertainer this Saturday night at the W Hotel. Buy your tickets now.

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