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NFL Playoffs: Who’s Going All The Way?

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With the NFL season drawer nearer to playoff time, the competition is becoming fierce as teams fight for their place. With the NFC and AFC conferences neck and neck with play, let’s see which teams have the best chance in making it to the playoffs.

Right now, the AFC is led with the No. 1 seed Pittsburgh Steelers, with a fantastic 11-2 record. This is huge with the Steelers beating out the New England Patriots, who are currently the No. 2 seed with a 10-3 record. The Steelers have three games left, playing the Patriots, Texans, and the Browns. The No. 3 seed is surprisingly the Jacksonville Jaguars, with an impressive 9-4 season. The No. 4 seed is the Kansas City Chiefs, with a 7-6 record. As of right now, it’s predicted the Steelers will remain on top, but knowing the New England Patriots, it’s safe to never count them out when looking at their previous playoff performances.

Some standouts in the AFC who are still hanging on include the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and the Los Angeles Chargers. These three teams all have a 7-6 record, and could potentially make it through a wild card round of the playoffs. If I were to place bets, I’d put my money behind either the Buffalo Bills or the Baltimore Ravens. While the Chargers have hung on so far this season, they simply lack the potential of finishing games against difficult opponents.

In the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles have the No. 1 seed, with an 11-2 record. However, with the starting quarterback Carson Wentz suffering a torn ACL in his last game, this could change the placement of the Eagles in the playoff picture. The Minnesota Vikings come in with the No. 2 seed with a 10-3 record. Since they’ve beat the No. 3 seed Los Angeles Rams previously in the season, the Vikings are for sure to stay as the No. 2 seed. The New Orleans Saints have the No. 4 seed with a 9-4 record as well. The NFC is full of passing talent, so whichever teams make it to the playoffs, it will be a passing fest with defense being a key aspect.

The teams in the NFC still in the hunt for the playoffs include the Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, and the Green Bay Packers. While the Seahawks have a strong potential in making it through to the playoffs, the Packers are still reeling from the loss of their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Cowboys and Lions are barely hanging on, and even if by some miracle they made it, their play just doesn’t hold up to other NFC teams.

The NFL playoffs will begin on January 6th with the Wild Card round. It will take place on Saturday, being one of the rare times an NFL game is played on Saturday. Next is the divisional round, with the top teams from both conferences playing each other in their respected conferences. Finally, January 21st is the day of the NFC and AFC Championship games. So get ready for some fantastic football!

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