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Local Charity Event Rhythm & Vine makes an impact for Boys and Girls of San Diego

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The second annual Rhythm & Vine event on April 22, 2010 raised much needed funds for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Greater San Diego region. The Rhythm & Vine event annually pairs music and wine to raise money and awareness.

Upon entering the event, a smiling volunteer hands me a wine glass. “Hope you find your love,” she says. I smile back and tingle with excitement at the sight of neat rows of white tents, each housing a unique taste for my tongue. Music from the live band and playful chatter of those around me begin to seep into my consciousness. I make my way from exhibitor to exhibitor, letting the crisp juices of Grigio’s and Chardonnay’s cool my palate. Here and there I pick up an appetizer and pop it into my mouth. It’s a warm and sunny Saturday evening in North County, and I am happy.

While this is the only the second annual Rhythm & Vine event, the beneficiary of the event, the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Greater San Diego region, has been serving at-risk youth for over 65 years. The mission of the Boys and Girls Clubs is straightforward: to provide a positive place for kids where youth of all backgrounds are inspired and enabled to realize their full potential as healthy, productive, responsible, and caring citizens. This is accomplished through a range of activities from sports to picnics, all organized by volunteers. Proceeds from the Rhythm & Vine fundraiser will directly augment the number and quality of activities the Boys and Girls Clubs host for youth.

“It’s a win-win for everyone,” said Terese Charlson of PRP Wine International, “For instance, Rhythm & Vine gives us a chance to showcase our personalized wine service while allowing people to try new and delicious wines!” A lady next to me chimed in, “I used to be in the Boys and Girls Club and just like it got me involved in after-school sports, this event is getting people involved in something good!”

As event-goers realized, indulging for the sake of indulging is one thing, but indulging in the name of charity is a uniquely satisfying situation. When I asked Kelly Golden, with Hotcha Salsa, how charity plays into her company, she held up a jar and told me that a percentage of the profit from that salsa goes to a non-profit. “Sure,” said Ms. Golden, “part of the reason we are here is to show the public what we have to offer. But, we are extremely happy and excited to be at this particular event because our presence contributes to the quality of the event, so more dollars can be raised for the Boys and Girls Clubs.”

The sky is dark now, but the bright aisles between tents are still lively and bustling with people laughing and drinking. As I continue my circuit, I move on to smooth Pinot Noirs and Merlots. It is near closing time, and the exhibitors are becoming more liberal with their samples. An obvious thought runs through my head: a person with a belly full of food and drink is usually happy. More importantly, when hundreds of happy people are together, they create a positive atmosphere that makes you feel good inside. The beautiful pairings of wine and appetizers certainly filled festival attendees with happiness, and this emotion is felt by the hundreds of others around me. I am relaxed, comfortable, and content. I gently hold the stem of my wine glass; the bowl is filled with my new-found favorite wine. Glowing in the warm ambiance of Rhythm & Vine, I raise the glass and think to myself, “what better place to find love?”

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