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Learn Hot to Create Your Own Wine

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If you end every day with a glass (or bottle) of wine, it’s safe to say you love discovering new favorites and trying new things. If you’re tired of the same-old routine, you may want to skip the store and try making your own wine! Making your own wine isn’t as hard as you might think, plus, it’s unique and personal. At Curds and Wine in San Diego, you can make your own wine (and your own cheese to go along with it).

They can provide you your very own wine kit so that you can make your unique drink at home, or you can even go into the store and have the pros show you how it’s done. Curds and Wine has the perfect equipment so you can ensure your wine tastes perfect too. You can even do wine tasting to get ideas for your own mixture. Check online to see when they have demonstrations on how to make cheese, and learn how to make everything from scratch.

Making wine and cheese has never been so easy! All the tools are handed to you and you are shown what to do, step by step. Along with the instructions, Curds and Wine will provide you a shopping list just in time for Harvest 2017 so that you have everything you need to make your sweet white wine or juicy red wine. The Wine Chemistry Testing allows you to test your favorite wines for $15 so that you can discover new wines and find your favorite new beverage. Test the wine with a pH meter or see how much sugar is in your glass of wine with this Chemistry Tasting. There are many activities and guides of instructions that will help you discover your passion for wine making.

Another place that will allow you to create your own wine is the Koi Zen Cellars, voted San Diego’s Best Local Wineries in 2017. You can be a part of the Wine Making Program and be shown step by step how to turn grapes into your favorite alcoholic beverage. You will be guided through this process and be shown how to label and cork your very own bottle of homemade wine. Another fun experience that Koi Zen Cellars provides is a Blending Party which allows you to get competitive with your friends and see who can create the best wine. All of the materials will be provided and the rest is up to you, along with a little help with instructions to get you started and motivated to win the gold medal. Your experience here will be nothing short of extraordinary and will be your new favorite place to go with all of your friends who love wine just as much as you do.

Take wine tasting to a whole new level when you learn how to make your very own beverage. Along with learning the wine making craft, learn how to make your own snacks of cheese to further inspire your wine mixing abilities. This is the perfect activity to have with all of your wine loving friends who support you filling your wine glass to the very top.

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