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Latin American Festival & Mata Ortiz Pottery Market – Aug 4 in Old Town

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The Latin American Festival & Mata Ortiz Pottery Market takes place on August 4th in Old Town San Diego. This three-day event is filled with distinctive art, delicious bites, and incredible live entertainment. There will be creative artists from places such as Mexico, Peru, and other Latin American countries. This is your chance to gather your friends and family for a weekend of unique entertainment and different people from around our world.

There are unique creations from every country represented, including basket weaving, carvings, pottery, and eccentric paintings. Come watch as Bazar del Mundo turns into a unique market place where everything is bright and colorful, complete with vibrant umbrellas covering the street. You will witness baskets being woven and new cultures that you’ve never experienced before. Along with artwork, there are other items available for purchase, such as beautiful handmade jewelry and vibrant clothing from Mexico and other countries.

This annual event is put on by Diane Powers and her family who owns Bazaar del Mundo Shops. She has created an environment that allows people to learn about other cultures while enjoying delicious food and purchasing artwork. There are small boutiques scattered among this festival and arts and crafts so everyone can show off their creative minds.

Some of the visiting artists include Jorge Quintana, Jacobo Angeles, Mariano Valadez, and Yolanda Ormachea Velasco. Quintana is a world famous artist with his masterpieces displayed in museums in different parts of the globe. Angeles is from Mexico and specializes in making animals and creations out of wood and finishing them off with vibrant paint patterns. Valadez is a Huichol artist who creates art out of yarn and glass beaded jewelry that will bring a unique vibe to your presence. Velasco is a Peruvian artist who makes jewelry out of different stones and calming elements found in the country of Peru.

As promised, this vibrant affair will be complete with TINKU who is made up of Latin American’s who create folk music. This group will perform music that is adherent with Latin American culture to share with us, and allow us to experience a taste of their way of life. This live entertainment encourages dancing and gives us a chance to connect with such a vibrant and amazing group of people.

This festival and market is determined to bring culture to our San Diego corner while bringing quality products with them. You will be able to purchase one-of-a-kind items while being able to meet the artists who created them.

Fill this time of the year with new beginnings and new knowledge about countries around the globe. This special opportunity is a chance for different countries and heritages to come directly to you, all you have to do is be present with an open mind and participate in the environment. Make the most of your weekend by celebrating and learning about someone else’s hometown.

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