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Fun for the Whole Family: KidsFest San Diego

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Photo Courtesy of Robin LaatzAll year long, we at the Entertainer keep you informed about local events and activities—bar and club events, mixers, concerts, etc., and we encourage you to bring friends and family members that are of age. But at last, we announce an event that is not for you and your adult friends; it’s for your children!

So forget about finding a sitter this weekend, for this event you’ll want to bring your kids. In fact, it’s kind of mandatory.

KidsFest San Diego is this weekend, May 1-2 from 10AM to 6PM at the NTC Promenade in Point Loma. KidsFest, “San Diego County’s largest hands-on, creative festival for children and their families,” will feature plenty of fun and exciting activities designed to celebrate imagination. Kids of all ages are welcome, as there will surely be something for everyone.

Some of the activities you can expect this weekend include a Messy Zone, a crafts Creation Station, a Dance Party, a Build It Construction Zone, a costume-design Dress Up Bar, and much more. Your kids will never get bored—all activities feature materials that will energize young minds and bodies.

Be sure to get there on time, because you won’t want to miss any of the fabulous, localPhoto courtesy of Robin Laatz performances. You and your family will enjoy music, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, and even circus performances throughout the day.

Tickets are only $15 and children 2 and under are free. Click here to purchase a ticket.

KidsFest is made possible by Robin Laatz, the Founder and Fest Director, and Tina Platt, the Director of Operations. Laatz planned many major events and founded the San Diego Film Festival in 2002. However, after becoming a mom she grew tired of taking her daughter to the same events every weekend, so she developed a more creative and unique event—KidsFest. Platt, owner of Tina Platt Events, has experience planning a wide range of events. Her events can best be described as “magical,” so you can bet that KidsFest will be nothing less! These innovative women host KidsFest with the goal of creating “a memorable day where families can explore, create and play together.”

So bring the whole family, San Diego! You won’t want to miss KidsFest San Diego 2010!

*Photo courtesy of Robin Laatz

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