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The Dinner Detective: An Interactive Murder Mystery Experience

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If you often find yourself stuck in front of the TV, completely engrossed in your favorite crime show, and think to yourself, “I could totally be a detective”, then boy are you in luck. Offering America’s largest interactive murder mystery dinner show, The Dinner Detective is the show you’ll want to experience.

The Dinner Detective is an interactive experience that pits each attendee against each other in finding the identity of the “killer” and his or her motive. Each attendee is a potential suspect, as well as a detective. Any one of the 50-60 attendees can be “killed” or potentially be the killer. With cast members dispersed throughout the dinner, each person assumes a fake identity, so no one knows anything about those who shares the dinner table with you.

The show is lead by 2 detectives; actors who utilize improv acting, all the while mixing it with comedy, providing a steady stream of laughs. These detectives will question attendees, trying to ascertain whether they are the killer. A word of caution: be prepared to potentially be pulled up on stage during the night and participate in speaking, dancing, and maybe even singing a song or two. In addition, there will be several “murders” throughout the night, each including a comedic death scene that adds to the humorous vibe of the event. As attendees show up, they will be presented with evidence that will help them possibly identify the killer.

The Dinner Detective is offered in over 50 cities across the country. The San Diego show takes place at the Courtyard by Marriott in Downtown. The event features 3-4 different scripts each year, to keep the experience fresh and exciting. Each year, a new script is unveiled, so there is always a new experience for those who wish to go multiple times. The actual dinner features a 4 course meal, with chicken, fish, and vegetarian options, which are pre-selected beforehand. Alcohol is available for purchase at a bar, but is not included in the ticket package.

If you’re interested in attending The Dinner Detective, individual tickets are priced at $59.95, with other various packages available for those who want a more interactive experience than normal. Private shows are also available, which allows you to choose which script you experience while at the dinner. The event requires you to be of at least 15 years old, and there is dress code along the lines of business casual. The soonest show takes place on November 11th, but seats tend to sell out fast! If you come in groups of 10 or more, each guest will save $5 per seat.

Reviews by those who have attended the show have been positive, with many saying they had an overall great experience. Kevin F., an attendee of the dinner, enjoyed the show, saying, “The pacing was perfect, the food was quite good, and the actors were a riot!”. Katie, another attendee, said, “the show is very amusing…the actors and hosts do their best to keep you entertained and engaged”.

If you want to test your detective skills, and do something entirely unique with your free time on the weekend, you can purchase tickets to The Dinner Detective here.

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