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Day One at Comic-Con 2009 — Dexter, scantily clad superheroes and Lou Ferrigno

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Photo courtesy Showtime

Photo courtesy Showtime

Well, you comic junkies, here’s some more info about Thursday’s day one at Comic-Con 2009.

Walking around, me and the crew were greeted by many scantily clad, superhero, ninja-wearing cohorts of the event. All the exhibits seemed to be in top-notch form. The artwork and amount of love and passion that was put into the exhibits echoed through the artwork of the comics. Dressed up patrons sat beside their favorite artists, while eagerly coercing all on-lookers to view the exhibits.

After viewing all the glorious bounty’s that Comic-Con had to offer, I was off to the Dexter panel. Let me tell you, all you Dexter-holics have something very important to look forward to. Season four of Dexter is set to release in September, and, I assure you, it is going to be awesome.

Famed actor John Lithgow is set to be in this season of Dexter, playing an acclaimed serial killer the likes of which Dexter has never seen. Coupled with the newly acquired competition, Dexter also faces the rigors of being a father. Trying to balance his life as a father and appeasing his “Dark Passenger,” Dexter is facing his greatest challenge yet.

Along with Michael C. Hall, the cast of Dexter graced the panel, talking about the new and exciting season to come. They also indulged the fans on how grateful they are to be involved in the show, and some of their thoughts the show. All in all, the anticipation of the new season culminated in an arousing, informative panel given by the Dexter staff. This fourth season looks to be a good one, and is one I will not miss.

*Also — I got to interview the classic Hulk himself. That’s right, Lou Ferrigno. He was an awesome guy who may be on the new season of Dancing With the Stars. So the green, mean, fighting machine will be showcasing his dancing skills on the highly loved ABC show. Look forward to that. Maybe he will invent a new move called the Hulk smash?

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