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Comic-Con 2010 Schedule and Program Highlights

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The SDEntertainer will be bringing you the highlights of panels, film screenings and exhibits of this year’s Comic-Con. But we can’t do this without your help! Fans, speak out: comment, facebook or tweet us! Let us know what you liked, loved and didn’t like about each day of Comic-Con and what you’re most looking forward to in the coming days. Give us your picks for the Anime screenings, the Independent films and everything in between!

Daily Schedule for Comic-Con 2010:

Thursday, July 22nd
Thursday Highlights from The Entertainer: The best of Film, TV, and other panels

Friday, July 23rd
Friday Highlights from The Entertainer: Information from panels, movie premiers, and Comic Con photos

Saturday, July 24th
Sunday, July 25th

Comic-Con Program Highlights

The 2010 Comic Con International Independent Film Festival:

The 2010 Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival will be showcasing dozens of films in Hall 2 at the Marriot Hotel and Marina next door to the Convention Center on the side of Hall A. Check out the schedule and tell us what you’re most excited to see.

Anime Programming:

With over 40 programs on Thursday alone, the Anime highlights will be tough to choose. Check out the Anime in the Marriot Halls 4, 5 and 6 or see the schedule online and weigh in with your pick!

Exhibitors’ Map:

A full list and map of the exhibitors can be found online.

What are you waiting in line to buy? Which exclusive collectible have you had your heart set on? Is it Hasbro’s new At-At toy, part of the new line of Star Wars action figures, or Mattel’s Ecto-1 Hot Wheel?  Let us know!

After this year’s convention, Comic-Con organizers will be voting on whether the event will stay in San Diego. San Diego has been its home since its founding in 1970, but rumor is Los Angeles, Anaheim and even Las Vegas are vying for the next contract which will begin in 2013.

Put simply, San Diego is becoming less and less cost-effective for hosting Comic-Con, which is growing at exponential rates. The San Diego Convention Center has not been able to accommodate more attendees or exhibit vendors, which have since spilled out into temporary tents and nearby hotel ballrooms. Additionally, Hollywood studios and TV networks are pushing for the move closer to Los Angeles, which would more easily accommodate Comic-Con’s growing number of movie and TV representatives. Could the popular art take-over be changing Comic-Con too much? Should Comic-Con stay true to its roots—graphic novels and San Diego? You tell us!
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