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America’s Finest Ladies Awards – San Diego Check This Out

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Thursday, March 25th

Thursday, March 25th

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 25th you can find out who won the America’s Finest Ladies Competition. America’s Finest Ent, a collective of San Diego artists and collaborators have put together an exciting event to highlight the ladies featured in the competition.

In late 2009, 15 special San Diego ladies were selected to compete in the America’s Finest Ladies competition. The goal was to have the ladies, who filled out a questionnaire and provided pictures get votes from the community online.

San Diego has spoken and America’s Finest Ent was listening. It’s your chance to see what the buzz is about tomorrow, where the official America’s Finest Lady 2009 will be awarded her title and given the $500 prize package.

It is reported that none of the ladies or participants in the community have been informed of the winner. Tomorrow come see their reactions live and be part of the first annual America’s Finest Ladies Competition. Is the winner Merika,

Eileen Craker - A Finest Lady

Eileen Craker - A Finest Lady

Marissa, Risa, Shervi, Jennifer, Joselyn, Marisela, Marcia, Samantha, Llewelyn, Amy & Meg, Anna, Andrea, Cynthia or Eileen?

The original tagline for this competition was the Anti-Beauty pageant; a different take of judging or let’s say not judging only by the typical standards.

With an eclectic group of ladies, and quintessential beauty on hand there’s no shortage of excitement for tomorrow’s event. Riley’s Music Lounge in Point Loma, which is now under new management will provide the escape into the America’s Finest Ladies Competition.

The America’s Finest Ent event includes performances from some of San Diego’s most promising artists; Stoned Red Addicts, Kash Krook, A-Mess and Notch P will bring it live. Top 40 and all your favorites will keep the party moving through the night from DJ Reyfino.

The event will feature the real San Diego; fashionista’s, vendors and photographers will create this unique experience. The America’s Finest Ladies will be wearing America’s Finest Ent apparel and have it tailored into cute dresses, or different styles by Trashy Klassy. Kristine Grafke, owner

Andrea - Finest Lady

of Trashy Klassy can take a regular shirt and turn it into a work of art and something you can really rock. The live demonstration of her fashion art will be done on the America’s Finest Ladies and debuted at the event. For a small fee you can bring clothes of your own to have transformed, how about that extra large Guns N’ Roses t-shirt you have in the closet?

More community vendors and sponsors, like Posh N’ Petals will be debuting their recent collection and sharing style. Gifts have been provided by Mark., Merle Norman and Jennifer Ann Spa.

The performing artists Stoned Red Addicts are excited to announce a free project each month of 2010 exclusively on the America’s Finest Ent website. This month’s release edition is Izic’s debut solo album, Inauguration.

A live photo shoot of the America’s Finest Ladies can be enjoyed throughout the evening from WNS Studios.

Quench your thirst tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday’s, get seen at Riley’s Music Lounge and be part of this first annual San Diego event, The America’s Finest Ladies Competition presented by America’s Finest Ent.

Riley’s Music Lounge
2901 Nimitz Blvd
San Diego, CA 92106

Thursday, March 25th
America’s Finest Ladies Awards and Event

Doors open at 4PM, event starts at 10PM

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