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The America’s Finest Ladies 2009 Pageant, a new take on old tradition

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We’ve spent all of our lives watching pageants where ladies prance around a stage in expensive gowns, show off their talent with practiced routines and wow us with their bikini bodies. While all that is fine and good, what about the average girl who didn’t grow up in that lifestyle or even have the chance to get on stage?

With all the beautiful women in San Diego, who glow from the inside out, America’s Finest Ent has stepped up to create a competition that sheds light into every genre of female fortune. America’s Finest Ent is a San Diego based company that brings San Diego hip hop buzz, music and clothing to the people. They call it ‘real entertainment,’ and were established in 2006.

America’s Finest Ent has announced that the America’s Finest Ladies competition will be comprised of “fine” ladies from all around San Diego. Fine means much more than O.K.; according to Urban Dictionary it is defined as attractive, beautiful, sexy and hot.

Potential America's Finest Lady Jennifer Silva

Potential America’s Finest Lady Jennifer Silva

The America’s Finest Ladies winner will be selected based on the number of votes she receives on the America’s Finest Ent website this Fall. Each candidate will have a profile for people to check that will include her pictures, a brief bio and FAQ about her.

The goal is for people to judge their choice not only on who they think has killer looks, but also a good background and fun personality.

The outstanding thing about America’s Finest Ent is that they recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. They’re encouraging candidates to have their friends and family vote, and rally to spread the word.

While the competition and company does not have anything against your typical ‘Miss World Pageant,’ they choose to take a different approach. As one organizer stated, “it’s about the real women out there, not just the girls you see in magazines. We want all females, whether aspiring actresses, models, or your San Diego girl next door, to have an opportunity to win a great prize and awesome title.”

It’s reported that the prize package has an initial value of over $500 but more sponsors are stepping up and pledging their certificates to make a stellar prize for the winner.

America’s Finest Ent will award the title and prize package to the America’s Finest Lady 2009 winner at I-Z-I-C’s album release party.

I-Z-I-C will be dropping Inauguration, his highly anticipated first solo album, this Fall presented by America’s Finest Ent. The grand show with an extended set by I-Z-I-C will also feature some other great San Diego hip-hop and alternative acts.

The final deadline for entry into the America’s Finest Lady 2009 competition is October 15th, 2009  at mid-night. Visit the America’s Finest Ladies 2009 page to learn more.

Interested ladies can e-mail pictures and brief bio to apply at ladies@americasfinestent.com.

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