What to do in San Diego: Spas, Dining, Fitness, Entertainment & more!

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The months of summer may be closing but here in San Diego, the great sunny weather and fun opportunities never really end. With so many new adventures to be had, our very own E&L T.V. is about to embark on a new one itself. Details won’t be revealed just yet but you can be sure to expect some pretty exciting developments to come. However, we will never stop bringing you the best that this great city has to offer. For this episode we’ve decided to revisit some of San Diego’s most exciting and unique offerings.

Before we delve into September’s show, let’s learn a little about Entertainer and Lifestyles television. As an extension of the“Entertainer,” one of the city’s oldest and most known publications. It has been a dependable source to learn all about San Diego’s fascinating places, events, and people, details you may never have known about otherwise. E&L T.V. stemmed from the “Entertainer” magazine, sharing the motto of “We are everything San Diego.” We also strive to keep true to that motto and bring our readers and viewers the very best. Sometimes we get our ideas straight from our viewers, such as the recommendation one viewer gave us to check out Black Top Royalty, a local band who has been dominating some of the city’s stages. It’s great to know that so much talent dwells in our city, giving us pride and bragging rights.

JenniferAnn Spa and Wellness Center

 In terms of relaxation and pampering,  JenniferAnn Spa and Wellness Center, is a full-service spa that provides all you could ever want or need from a standard spa while adding on even more perks. JenniferAnn puts a great deal of focus on the body’s overall state of wellness and balance, ensuring that a trip to their establishment will leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored. They are on the forefront of spa treatments, approaching your care from a natural and holistic standpoint.  Watch the show below for more details but if you’d like to learn more now or make an appointment, visit jenniferannspa.com.

The Sporting Club at the Aventine

Aside from beauty and spa treatments, we also visited The Sporting Club at the Aventine, one of San Diego’s premiere health and fitness clubs. With summer coming to an end and less time to surf the waves, many people are going to have to make more of an effort to get their weekly exercise in and a sports club comes in pretty handy. With cutting edge equipment, the latest in group-exercise classes, an indoor basketball court, two tennis courts, and a junior Olympic pool, this place has it all. Make sure to check out this month’s episode of E&L T.V. below to hear Kris Machain, manager and personal trailer and The Sporting Club, talk about incorporating a new challenging exercise into your average workout routine – rope training.


While summer may officially be ending, that doesn’t mean that the summer weather is anywhere near finishing up. As we’ve all be experiencing some serious heat waves, we doubt they’re anywhere near finishing up, which is why you may want to stop in at Cremolose in the Gaslamp. If you’re one of the many who aren’t familiar with the term, Cremolose is a specific and unique cold dessert. Cremolose in San Diego is the only restaurant in America where one can find the nutritious and tasty dessert. Dessert specialist, Deon, will be telling us all about this treat, which helps beat off the heat without packing on the pounds, in this month’s episode. If you’re interested in trying one of the over 40 flavors now, visit cremolosesd.com.

Flagship Cruises and Events

San Diego Flagship Crusies If you’re one of our regular readers, you’ve already heard about Flagship Cruises and Events, which definitely deserves some attention. Offering San Diego’s gorgeous shoreline and great food at the same time, Flagship has a myriad of great year-round events to entertain tourists and local alike. Make sure to check out their official site at flagshipsd.com because there are new events added all the time, as well as celebratory cruises for special holidays, like upcoming Halloween and Christmas.

San Diego has a pretty rich and diverse cinematic history, with a versatile and active community creating artistic films that prove this city is one of the greatest. While many people would assume Los Angeles is the filmmaking mecca, those same people would be surprised to find out that San Diego actually has a lot of film and video production happening as well. Thanks to shows like “Veronica Mars” (which featured many uptown locations, like Lestat’s in Normal Heights and Kensington Video in Kensington), more people are realizing that San Diego is the perfect spot to create film and T.V.

Speaking of productions, Entertainer and Lifestyles Television are gearing up to expand their own production. With help from you, the community, this show is getting ready to move to the next level. Thanks to Pixel Productions, who has been producing this little show from the very beginning, we’re now getting launched to new territory. We will be able to bring even more exciting content to you by evolving into a bigger and better version. We hope that you’ll stick with us through this change and become part of our new future.

Make sure to check out this month’s E&L T.V. episode to learn more in detail!

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