Thirsty Thursday: Toast to Tequila

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The sun is shining bright this weekend, making me want to go on a weekend getaway south of the border. Good thing the San Diego beaches deliver some stiff competition – and we’ve got just what you need to have a staycation of your own. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Thought so… That’s right, we teamed up with CaliFino Tequila, Miss B’s Coconut Club & Park 101 to bring you Thirsty Thursday: Tequila Edition. And because we couldn’t quite get enough tequila, we’ve got 3 impeccable tequila recipes to kick off the summer season. You’ll want to make pitchers of these cocktails, because they are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Chili Mango Margarita

Recipe Courtesy of Miss B’s Coconut Club

This recipe is sweet, spicy, and citrusy – triple threat. Mango lovers out there, you’re welcome.


1.5 oz tequila
.75 oz tamarind liq
.75 oz ancho reyes
.5 oz lime juice
1 oz mango agave


  • Combine all ingredients in shaker and shake
  • Roll collins glass in tajin + add ice
  • Strain cocktail
  • Garnish with mango

Raspberry Blossom

Recipe Courtesy of Park 101

The Prosecco in this cocktail adds a refreshing component perfect for the pool.


1.5 oz. Sabe Tequila
1 oz. Sabe Yuzu Citrus
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. raspberry syrup
5 mint leaves
1 oz. Prosecco
Garnish – raspberry + dehydrated orange slice


  • Combine all ingredients and shake vigorously
  • Strain over ice
  • Top with Prosecco
  • Garnish with mint leaves, dehydrated orange with a raspberry speared through

Jalisco Sunrise

Recipe Courtesy of San Diego-based CaliFino Tequila

“On a sunny summer afternoon, I like to pour myself a Jalisco Sunrise made with our Reposado,” says Miguel (Chicky) Luna, owner and co-creator of San Diego-based CaliFino Tequila. “The combination of citrus and hints of vanilla from the Reposado shaken with fresh juice from oranges makes for one good drink. Salud!”


2 oz. CaliFino Reposado

3/4 oz. orange curacao

3/4 oz. orange juice

Pama liqueur


  • Combine all ingredients and shake
  • Strain over fresh ice
  • Top with Pama Liqueur
  • Garnish with an orange
  • Bartenders choice: Salt rim if desired

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