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San Diego is largely thought of as the craft beer capital of California and Arcana Brewing, a small batch, artisanal brewery at Carlsbad Gateway Center is hopping their way into the scene. All of Arcana’s brewing, casing and tasting happens at Carlsbad Gateway Center, so guests can get the full experience, see the whole process, and taste great beer—all in one place!

Arcana Brewing started small—a home brewing project that eventually grew into a full functioning brewery, opening at Carlsbad Gateway Center in 2012. The passionate, small team of brewers consists of ArcanaBrewing owner, Daniel Guy, Chris—a volunteer who also started out as a home brewer, and a few staff members who helped out with special events. Daniel and Chris met through mutual friends as they were looking to expand their knowledge about the brewing and tap room industries, and Carlsbad Gateway Center was just the right place to do it.

“Carlsbad Gateway Center was perfect for us because of its affordable zoning and friendly management,” said Daniel, Arcana Brewing owner. “Over the past five years, we’ve really seen the complex grow. Early on, most businesses were commercial or industrial, but now we’re experiencing a shift toward small, retail and craft businesses.   The variety of venues opens up the space for folks who may not otherwise find us, plus we get to meet more than just beer folks as people check out the area.”

Guests at Arcana Brewing can visit the tasting room at Carlsbad Gateway Center to try any of the dozen brews made.  Brews range from low alcohol Honey Pale Ale (4.5% abv, great for starters) to an herb-infused French-style Saisons, to IPA’s and Strong Ales. The beer list varies seasonally and by demand – check out their full beer menu here. The tasting room also hosts events of all occasions, including office parties, art events, preview parties, and social groups.

“A year or two before tackling the project, I was brewing, getting ready to brew, or serving beer nearly every weekend,” said Daniel. “People liked the flavors and were willing to pay for ingredients to get a beer made. There weren’t very many breweries open at the time. All that, combined with saving up some startup capital, led to Arcana opening as the 73rd brewery in the county at the time.”

The most popular brew at Arcana Brewing is the Headbasher IPA, with Mosaic Monster IPA as a close second. Other than Carlsbad Gateway Center, Arcana Brewing will soon be found at Tap That in Oceanside, Hungry Bear in Vista, and a few more local bars and restaurants!

“Personally, my favorite is That’s the Sage Against the Machine Saison, because it smells amazing while it’s brewing and tastes even better once it’s done,” said Daniel. “San Diego is Hop-Town USA and people can’t get enough of these bitter beers full of citrusy, floral, resinous hops flavors.”

The brewing process is all in the preparation and fermentation of the grain-based sugar solution. After the prep is done, then comes the art and technique. The main ingredients in beer include hops, malts, fruits and spices with the balance of alcohol levels, yeast selection and fermentation conditions to create the different variations of beers. Arcana prides itself on having variety and craftsmanship of brews to create a worthwhile experience. Arcana brews around 110 gallons at a time and works hard to make sure each beer is distinct and tasty creating a robust selection.

“Brewing is an experience. Chatting with folks in the tap room as they enjoy a beer or two is a great part of it,” said Daniel. “All brewers love the art and technical side of things, but without the people here sharing the experience with us, this would be just another job. Community is about the people around you and the experiences you share, so come share a tasty beer!”

Arcana Brewing differentiates itself from other breweries by having a robust and well-crafted seasonal beer list. Brewed at Carlsbad Gateway Center—check Arcana Brewing out at the makers’ park today. For more information please visit, www.carlsbadgatewaycenter.com and www.arcanabrewing.com.


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