You need to be adding these mini gingerbread houses to your hot cocoa

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Just when you thought hot cocoa couldn’t get any better, get ready to feast your eyes on some of the cutest holiday decorations yet….mini gingerbread mug houses.

It’s time to lace up your apron and get to baking because these gingerbread residences will not only make for a great photo op, but they will be a delicious addition to your nightly hot cocoa.

The newest Pinterest trend is to add adorable gingerbread houses to the brim of your hot cocoa cups for your next party or holiday gathering.

Now, you may be thinking who has time to make dozens of miniature gingerbread houses, but trust us, the end result is completely worth it.

Photo Courtesy of Anthropology

With a minimal amount of decorating, and some delicate assembling, your kids or party guests will wowed with these creative houses.

The houses are assembled just like any other gingerbread house, except with a more gentle approach to decorating. Some are being made with peppermint roofs, frosting snowflakes and even tiny Christmas trees.

The trend is becoming more and more popular amongst bloggers, and it only takes a great gingerbread recipe and a good paper template to create the walls of each house.

For your next party, create a hot cocoa station complete with mugs, marshmallows and hot chocolate, with your tiny gingerbread village nearby ready to be placed onto the mugs.

These will be the talking point of your next get-together, and will add flare and delicious gingerbread to your hot cocoa.

Check out this recipe to make your very own delightful mini gingerbread houses.

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